For all the crude humour that was clearly directed at adults, Guardians of the Galaxy had all the right ingredients to be a hit for all the family. As well as the hotly anticipated sequel due for release later on this year, the movie inspired a spinoff series on the kids’ channel Disney XD starring its two most kid-friendly characters, Rocket and Groot. As is often the way with these things, the cartoon was just as popular with adults as with children. It was announced last year at Comic Con that that show would extend to a 12-part web series.

At the time, the studio released a test trailer showing off just what director Arnaud Delord and animation studio Passion Pictures were capable of doing with the characters. The team was certainly well chosen, having experience making some of the most highly acclaimed films of a generation, including the music videos for the band Gorillaz and the beautiful short film adaptation of Shaun Tan’s book The Lost Thing. It was adorable and has had fans around the world looking forward to the real thing for a whole year. Broadcast on the Disney XD YouTube channel, the first episode dropped today.

The style has changed slightly since the test video was made, but it is no less adorable nor exciting. A lot of effort has gone into developing the personalities of the two intrepid protagonists, with artist for Rocket Raccoon in the comics Skottie Young on board as a consultant.

At the moment, this episode is only available to view in the US, though no doubt it will be released in other countries soon enough. The next episode will be released on March 27th, with the complete series available to view in its entirety by April 10th, not long before the planned release of Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

If you really don’t want to wait that long for more Rocket and Groot adventures, the second season of Rocket and Groot hit last week.

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