Ever since Warner Bros. announced a solo Batman film after Batman V. Superman was released, it seems the film’s production has had nothing but trouble. First,  Ben Affleck stepped down from directing. A new director was found in Matt Reeves, but now Warner Bros. has announced that the script is apparently being rewritten from scratch. What is going on?? 

Batman is a huge character. He’s one of the most popular character DC owns by far, so they really need to take the time to do his movie right. The Dark Knight trilogy is a tough act to follow, but maybe this whole delay is a good thing. The film was rumored to have a 2018 release, but with Reeves upcoming War of the Apes film, and a new script being written, there is no way 2018 is going to happen.

One of the problems DC has had (besides Zack Snyder) is rushing to get their films done. They pumped out Batman V. Superman, and Suicide Squad had a massive reshoot during production . All that reworking didn’t really work, because critics still slammed these films, although many fans embraced em’ despite their flaws. Whatever DC has been doing hasn’t been working, and rushing to pump films out isn’t going to fix the problem. The fact that The Batman is being rewritten is a good thing, it’s a sign DC is finally taking the time to do this right.

A script was supposedly already complete for the film. The script was a collaboration between Ben Affleck, Chris Terrio, and Geoff Johns. Supposedly they were all happy with the final product, but then Affleck stepped down from the director’s chair. With Matt Reeves, maybe he read the script and thought about a better way to take it, something that he had the skills to do. Each director likes to do things differently, and if he’s taking the time to make sure this is a film he’s passionate about and can film, then fans can look forward to whatever DC is currently working on. The original film allegedly had Batman facing Deathstroke, but with so much up in the air, the new script could end up being completely different.

Work on the new film won’t really begin until the end of the summer with Reeves wrapped up in Planet of the Apes, and who knows if the script will actually be done by then. Scripts go through multiple drafts behind the scenes anyways, so rewriting a film isn’t that big of a deal. We’ll get a Batman film eventually. DC is finally learning.

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