It’s easy to wake up every morning and wish you were someone else. For example, a super hero. But it’s really easy to forget the burden that some of these heroes have to carry. Surely this has been said and done, but on this week’s episode of The Flash, “Into The Speed Force,” the consequences of our heroes come to fruition. One by one, old faces come back to remind Barry that he can’t keep dictating the rules. As always, Barry has a plan. So there’s no need to worry. Warning: There will definitely be spoilers inside.

The episode starts with the team brainstorming what can be done to save Wally West. Barry, though, has a plan and it involves jumping into the Speed Force once again. The last time he had been inside, Barry barely made it out alive, but with the help of his friends, was able to pull trough. With the help of Cisco, he jumps in head first and sets off to find Wally. The first image Barry encounters is of Eddie Thawne. Eddie reminds Barry that there are consequences to his actions. The Speed Force allowed Barry to leave because it believed that he had gotten over his mother’s death. But the case here is that Wally made a choice and now has to suffer the consequences. Barry won’t have any of it and declares that he will some how free Wally. At that point, the Speed Force warns Barry to run as a time wraith enters the scene. The Flash nearly escapes it through an elevator. When he reaches the next floor, he meets another face from the past.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, the team is working on a way to track Savitar. As it turns out, the piece that Barry broke off of Savitar can be used in conjunction with Cisco’s powers. Jesse, having nothing to do, becomes anxious and pushes the team to move forward with their plan so she can face Savitar. They interject by reminding her that one speedster alone can’t defeat Savitar. Back in the Speed Force, Ronnie Raymond greets Barry within a future that could have been. Ronnie tells Barry that Wally is trapped within a hell of his own. Meaning that he’s trapped within a vision of his own making. However, Barry is still determined to free  Wally. Understanding his determination, Ronnie warns Barry of another problem. That’s when Hunter Zoloman comes racing from around the corner. About to die, Barry destroys the tether that he and Cisco created in the event of an emergency. The image of Zoloman is destroyed and Barry is allowed to move on.

He next appears inside a hospital where he finally finds Wally. Inside a room, Wally stands over an empty bed. Images of his mother pop in and out causing him to live an endless loop. Just then, Leonard Snart appears and stops Barry from entering the room. About to become a Popsicle, another Flash enters the scene as Jay Garrick saves Barry from possible death. With two Flashes, Snart can’t stop them from entering the room with Wally. They wake him from his trance. However, an exchange needs to be made – one speedster for another. Sadly, Jay chooses to stand behind. He gives Barry his helmet to use as an anchor for Cisco and the two return home.

Back at the lab, a distraught Wally is forced to take a break while he tries to recover from the events inside the Speed Force. Jesse decides to travel to Earth-3 to help protect it while Jay is gone. Finally, Barry comes to terms that he does need to consider the consequences of his actions more. This leads him to take a break with Iris until Savitar has been defeated.

This wasn’t quite the episode from last week, but it was another heavy, emotional episode nonetheless. It seems to be a common theme for Barry not to actually realize the consequences of his actions until it’s thrown at his face. You would think that at this point he would be smart enough to finally get it, but if you think about it, how many of us struggle with this concept as well? It’s not until something tragic happens to us do we finally understand it. With that being said, Barry and Iris taking a break makes some sense. Of course if you’ve watched the show long enough, you should know that this break will probably be temporary. Wally and Jesse, though, remain a big question mark. They make a great couple to watch on screen, but there’s no telling if they’ll remain a couple.

Take a moment here to think about the sacrifice Jay Garrick made this week. One speedster for another. For any reason, was anyone ready to accept Barry to sacrifice himself even though he’s the star of the show? Garrick played an important mentor and father figure for Barry. It would be a shame if Garrick never makes it back from this. But the fact that Barry has his helmet is a good sign that this isn’t the end of him.

Choices have consequences and so will this episode. And with only seven episodes left in the season, this week’s episode will set the tone for the rest of the season. Don’t look for happy faces coming anytime soon. Although next week’s episode will be the only exception.

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s new episode.

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