Out of the countless exciting movies coming to theaters next year, two have continued to stand out. However, recent reports suggest that one of these films will be taking the place of the other one’s pretty generous release date as the latter just isn’t quite ready yet (again, I know). Aquaman’s original opening date was said to be in October of 2018 but, recently, James Cameron stated that his sequel to the epic film, Avatar, will not be ready by their rather prime spot of December 21, 2018 and, in turn, Aquaman has chosen to nab the ideal date before any other movies can.


Although this means that the first installment of four new Avatar films is going to more than likely be hitting the big screen in 2019, the excitement revolving around the Aquaman flick starring Jason Momoa is enough to keep fans of both films quiet for now. Other than Momoa, the films boasts a pretty talented cast and crew with Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson as guest stars as well as James Wan directing the epic tale of the ‘epic tail’.


Despite Avatar fans being depressed about yet another moved data for the next film, Cameron recently set the record straight by explaining to the Toronto Star, “What people have to understand is that this is a cadence of releases…So, we’re not making Avatar 2, we’re making Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5.”


With this in mind as well as an exciting date change for the Aquaman film along with countless other release dates being addressed by Warner Bros. this week, the excitement continues to rise for fans of nostalgia and nerd culture alike. In fact,  Ed Helms and Owen Wilson are said to be creating an R-rated road comedy entitled Bastards that will be released on December 22, 2018 (a week after The Last Jedi). Similarly, Sony’s Jumanji, Paramount’s Downsizing, Universal’s Pitch Perfect 3, and The Weinstein Company/Dimension’s The Six Million Dollar Man are also planning on being released during the week of Christmas 2018 as well.


Although this means yet another setback for fans of both films, this will ultimately increase the viewership of the exciting Aquaman flick and make the true fans of Avatar beg for the sequel and increase the sheer desire for the film to be released in the process. Until then, raise your tridents to the sky and mark your extremely long calendars with the date.

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