While it is firmly established that the events of every Star Wars movie that will ever be made occur a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, that has not stopped – and likely never will – generation after generation of nerds from dreaming about exploring that distant star system. Now that the film series is approaching the double figure mark, the fans may finally have an opportunity to do just that. Or something close. Soon. Disney is hard at work adding a Star Wars themed section to Disneyland, which has been confirmed to be the largest-ever, singled-themed land expansion at the company’s world famous parks.

Which makes sense – after all, there are many planets to explore in the Star Wars universe. Disney could easily take up half of America and still not have enough room to get into the minutiae of those worlds. Precisely what Disney will choose, out of everything in the series, to include in the theme park remains something of a mystery for the time being, but there are some things we already know.

Guests will be rocketed to a never-before-seen planet, which will be populatd with familiar Star Wars characters spanning humans, aliens and droids. In their company, visitors will be immersed in their stories, given an opportunity to experience them in a whole new, hands-on way.

It has also been revealed that there will be a full-sized Millenium Falcon on campus, with the opportunity to take the helm themselves.

Although it is not due to open until 2019, a video was released today showing  how functioning life sized AT-ATs will be built and ofn the construction team hard at work putting them together. These might machines will be dotted around the park, a towering monument to just how close Earth’s population could be to galaxies far, far away if we put our minds to it.

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