If you thought you could predict where Legion was going at this point, you’ve clearly not been paying attention because while last week built to an uncertain confrontation between David’s demons, his friends, and his pursuers, we then smashed cut back to the mental hospital. So what was this psychic sojourn into the land of drugs and pie going to reveal? That’s not immediately apparent, but it appears that it involves fudging with time again, and given the fact that Legion was just renewed for a second season today, I’m not very optimistic that things will be tied off in a nice bow before this run is done.

So this metal hospital is just like Clockworks in the real world, except Dr. Bird, Ptonomy, Cary, Kerry and the Eye are along for the ride and Lenny is in charge, at least when she’s not doing a Roxie Hart dance sequence to Nina Simone. It could be argued that when it comes to David’s life Lenny has always been in charge, or should we say the Yellow-Eyed Devil, who seemed to take a lot of sadistic joy in reveling in David’s pain. According to Lenny, her (its?) power combined with David’s could give God “a run for His money”, but it seems she’s getting tired of dragging David along psychically kicking and screaming.

For Easter egg hunters, there was the mention of David’s real father, who Lenny says she knew. David’s father was “always acting so holy,” Lenny said, and he thought that he could hide David from her due to his potential. Hm. Who might that sound like? The show has gone to great pains to not obviously tie Legion to anything X-Men aside from the ‘X’ inside the the ‘O’ of the show’s logo, but come on, we’ve got to see Professor X in this at some point now, right? And Lenny, or whatever she is, has got to be the Shadow King, a malevolent psychic spirit that has moved from host to host since the dawn of time. Maybe all of its various faces to David are manifestations of past hosts. Maybe there was once a real Lenny.

It’s worth asking because I’m still stuck on this idea of who was Lenny in the mental hospital. I mean the original mental hospital. Was that a real girl that David’s passenger used to retcon his past, or was she always a figment of David’s imagination that only he could see? The question came up again when Syd had a flash of Lenny being killed way back in episode one, which makes me lean to the idea that there was a real Lenny that David’s possessor uses in re-written memories to provoke feelings of regret and sorrow, all to make David less stable and easier to exploit.

Speaking of David, he seems that he’s more than happy to be in a mental hospital, surrounded by friends, well with the exception of one mean nurse. Who was the nurse, and what was she supposed to represent? She pats down Syd in an obviously molest-y way, and then she takes away David’s pie and later tells him that nobody wants him there. Was the nurse another manifestation of Lenny? Seems likely, but what if “Nurse Ratched” is a manifestation of David’s subconscious, trying to make his idyllic life in the mental mental hospital miserable so he gets back to the real world and defeat the demon possessing him.

There are clearly outside forces trying to interrupt Lenny’s game though. Oliver appears in his diving suit before Dr. Bird and leads her down a tunnel to the a frozen in time moment in David’s childhood bedroom, where everyone was gathered before the mental hospital adventure. Call me crazy, but I think we missed a step from where we left off last week and where Dr. Bird ended up. When did Rudy get the Tommy gun and why did he open fire on David and Syd? What is this scene? It’s not the future, because Syd gets flashes of it, so I think it’s pretty obvious that there’s a scene missing somewhere.

Cary also had a close encounter with Oliver in his diving suit, sucked up into an ice cube while in bed at the mental hospital. Cary seemed to end up in the astral plane, which is where we know Oliver is, so it seems like the old guy is still powerful enough to have some kind of effect on real world events. Then Cary turns up later in the diving suit and appears to Syd, which might indicate that there are some limitations to Oliver’s power, but that seems like another missing scene. Oliver grabbing Melanie and Cary makes sense, they’re the ones he knows even if he doesn’t remember he knows them, so is his psychic outreach reflexive? Is he following a plan?

As for the other Kerry, she’s being chased by “The Eye” through the hospital, or make that Walter, who Lenny says is the only one that understands what she’s trying to do. Does that mean The Eye has switched sides? Is he now a heavy for the Shadow King and not for Division 3? It was sad to see Kerry so vulnerable, especially since she’s been so kick ass so far. As for Ptonomy, it was interesting seeing him and David be friends, because we know in the real world that Ptonomy is the most concerned about what David’s capable of doing. I also found it interesting that David tells Ptonomy that he’s not a dog person, I wonder if that’s a new development…

So the episode ends with Lenny berating David, and Cary visiting Syd in David’s childhood bedroom, the latter of which seems like a set-up for next week and the eventual breakout of our heroes from their psychic prison. Having said that, I would be very surprised if Legion episode #7 unfolds in any way resembling something I’m expecting. If this were any other show, I would be expecting the next two episodes to focus on the final showdown between David and Lenny, and a cameo by Professor X in the final seconds of the finale. What’s actually going to happen though, is anybody’s guess.

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