A few days ago, it was announced that Warner Bros would be returning to one of their most lucrative and successful franchises, The Matrix. The trilogy that centered on a war between machines and humans in a virtual (and real) world was everything we ever wanted in a franchise. Though provoking storylines, kung-fu action, high-quality special effects, even a believable romance were all a part of the trilogy. This past week Warner Bros was considering a reboot of the franchise with actor Michael B. Jordan in consideration for the lead role. Some people were not too excited about the idea of a reboot for the franchise. Looks like some of their fears can be put to rest.

Screenwriter Zak Penn, who will write the planned film(s) took to Twitter to clarify what they have planned for the franchise going forward.

This makes more sense. The world of The Matrix is vast and there can be plenty of interesting and engaging stories that don’t need to focus on Neo and his struggles to be The One. We’ve already seen some cool stuff in The Animatrix anime films, the Enter The Matrix video game, The MMORPG The Matrix Online, and well as comic books based on the series. There’s plenty of stuff the series can do going forward.

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