The 5-star rating system has been around for a long time. For Netflix subscribers, it’s almost synonymous with the streaming service. However, that’s all about to change because in a month’s time, because they’ll be switching from their typical 5-star system to a YouTube-style thumbs-up or thumbs-down. While there’s no debate at Netflix if it’s happening or not, it has caused a bit of a discussion over which is truly better.

In the end it may depend on the medium you’re viewing. In this case, it’s movies. For some, the 5-star rating system works well here. There’s more room for judgement. For example, some users have developed a criteria based system for giving a movie or documentary up to five stars. Think of it like a checklist. If the movie falls short in one category like acting or storytelling, then the film gets one less star. Still, the system isn’t perfect and doesn’t always gets used for this purpose. One situation where the 5-star system fails is when one person feels that a film deserves more stars than it’s averaged. Say something you just watched has only achieved three stars but you feel it should get more. So you’ll give it a five star rating in hopes that it’ll bump the score up. Now you may not feel it deserves five stars but it definitely should have more than the three it’s currently averaging.

According to the report, the main reason for the change is because the 5-star system “feels very yesterday.” In fact, Netflix had been researching new rating systems for more than a year until finally settling upon the binary system of liking or disliking something. While conducting their research, they discovered users were using the new rating system more than the previous – about 200% more ratings were logged into their system. More importantly, the new rating system happens to work very will with a new algorithm Netflix is implementing to give a more personal touch when it comes to matching movies to your liking.

Source: The Verge

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