In the previous post, you got a taste of what the cosplay at Toronto ComiCon looked like, but to the more professional and artistic standards of those that live and breath cosplay, the results from the weekend were even more amazing. For cosplayers looking to have their work appreciated on the basis of their skill, their imagination, and their sewing and sculpting ability, Toronto ComiCon was giving out daily awards, and for the judges, the sheer number of contestants made their life harder as they struggled to get the results in on time for the six o’clock awards show.

Stephanie, who worked at the registration desk, stalled for time by reviewing the winners from Friday, which included a Lily Munster with perfect smudge-free full-body make-up, a Sailor Jupiter with great wig and bow work, and a Merida from Brave who had impressive sculpt work on her armour and accessories. For Saturday, the judges had to go over 60 entries, barely taking breaks in order to get through their examinations and deliberations. It wasn’t only bragging rights up for grabs, but a certificate, a ribbon, and, depending on where they finished, a loot bag, a Pop! Baby Groot toy, and a pricey piece of thermoplastic. Those were the prizes for the winners of the day: first, second and third place.

In addition, the one winner that was of legal drinking age got six tickets for the after party. (Originally, two tickets were supposed to go to each winner, but you can’t get into the venue if you’re under 19.) So shall we look at Saturday’s winners?

Third Place


Second Place


First Place

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