The latest collaboration between Netflix and Marvel, Iron Fist hit the streaming service this past weekend. While the show has not been well received by critics, it was still well watched this weekend by fans of the MCU. The show was trending on social media all weekend and has an audience score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, so the jury’s out on a whole. The show followed Danny Rand as he returned to New York after a 15-year absence training in the mystical land of K’un-Lun. Comic book fans wanted to see Danny Rand in his classic Iron Fist costume that we all know and love from the comics. Unfortunately, the show confirmed that he will not don the Iron Fist costume on the show (at least in the first season). That doesn’t mean that we didn’t see it on the show, though.

SPOILERS from the episode “Black Tiger Steals Heart”

When Danny comes to Bakuto’s monastery and recuperates (before he finds out that Bakuto is a member of a rival faction of The Hand), Bakuto shows Danny old Chinese propaganda footage where Chinese soldiers come face to face with another Iron Fist. While that Iron Fist beats up the soldiers, we get to see that specific Immortal Weapon in the full Iron Fist gear from the comics. The film is purposely in grainy black and white footage, so it’s hard to really see the outfit. Actor Johnny Yang played that version of the Iron Fist and recently posted on social media an image from when he was shooting on set. Take a look at the photo.


It looks like Yang deleted that Instagram post, but thanks to the Internet, here’s the photo:

Iron Fist is currently streaming on Netflix.

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