Actor Daniel Kaluuya’s star is increasingly rising. While well known in the UK for his roles like Skins, Doctor Who, and many others, he’s slowly becoming a big player here across the pond. With roles in Black Mirror, Kick-Ass 2, and Sicario, he’s becoming a familiar face. Of course, he played the lead in the critically (and commercially) acclaimed horror/suspense movie Get Out, which has made more than $136 million worldwide. His next movie is going to be a big one, as he will be in Marvel’s Phase 3 movie, Black Panther and King T’Challa’s second-in-command, W’Kabi.

While doing press for Get Out in an interview with GQ, he was asked about the new Marvel film he has had nothing but praise for the upcoming film. He even enthusiastically compared Black Panther to Game of Thrones, which is a very high bar in regards to storytelling, characters, and overall geekdom.

“This is an African blockbuster, bruv. This is like Game of Thrones. This is crazy. And Ryan Coogler is just, man dem. He’s like us! He’s a normal dude, in a Golden State hat and a Tupac T-shirt directing the whole set. It’s the most beautiful thing to see.”

Now Game of Thrones is a high bar to compare it to. However, the film is promising a fight for the throne, plots and plans within plans as there are forces working against T’Challa, and some great action sequences. He just might be onto something here. Either way, Black Panther going to be an interesting addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if we are getting Game of Thrones quality storytelling, it’s something to absolutely look forward to.

Black Panther is currently filming and hits theaters February 16, 2018.

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