Fans of The Walking Dead comic book series and television show know one indisputable fact: Rick Grimes is safe. While it’s not necessarily a spoken rule and the man has definitely been put through the ringer, as the central protagonist of the series, it seems like he needs to remain in place for the show to continue. Of course, the television show isn’t going to last forever. It’s not a soap opera after all and the public will become tired with the zombie genre (hopefully not too soon) so when Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually, Heartbreaker, and Human Traffic) was asked how he would like to exit the series, he had some interesting things to say.

Lincoln has been helming the zombie apocalypse show since it first hit the small screen in 2010, but he probably wants to take on more projects that don’t involve saying the name “Carl” in weird ways every other episode. Recently, at a PaleyFect event, he was asked how he wants TWD to come to an end. It’s clear he has given this a lot of thought. Here’s an excerpt of what he had to say:


“I’ll say this now, this is how I want Rick to die, do you want to hear it? So I get, we’re going through the desert, somewhere, and I jump off the bus […] so I jump in a very heroic act, Rick jumps off [saying] ‘Carl!’ — he’s still alive. Maybe that is the last thing I say.

I jump off and I’m like kung-fu-kicking, you know, earn my action figure, right? Halfway through I get bit. Oww! Aww shit, doesn’t matter, keep going! ‘Carl!’ We’ve got tracks through the desert, high shot, beautiful, high shot, anyway, deal with that stuff then I die, on my own, or I’m waiting to die. I go, I wait, I patch up then a day passes, I patch myself up! — I’m a survivalist! — anyway, I patch myself up and and I don’t die. The whole show is ‘Holy shit! Maybe I’m the cure?'”

Sounds like his time on the series coming to an end might not be an end after all, but rather a new beginning? Well, whatever the showrunners decide to do with the character of Rick Grimes and the rest of the Walking Dead crew, there are still a good 50+ issues of material to pull from and it isn’t as if they have kept in line with the comics 100% along the way.

The Walking Dead returns next Sunday, March 26th with the season finale returning the following week on April 2nd. The series has been renewed by AMC for an eighth season set to premiere in late 2017 and given the ratings, it’s likely the show will continue for some time so there’s plenty of time for the writers to prepare for Lincoln’s desired outcome.

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