New Power Rangers Movie Morphs Into Mixed Reviews

Early reviews have been steadily coming in across the internet and it seems that the judgement on the new Power Rangers movie is hit or miss. According to some of the reviews, some of the acting (mostly from the newcomers) is lacking, but if you can move past it, the action and visuals of the Rangers in their suits and zords can make you forget all about the movie’s flaws. But is that the final judgement the movie…no, the Power Rangers deserve? Take a look at a compilation of several reviews and decide for your self.

First, take a look at what The Hollywood Reporter had to say about the film,

“For longtime fans, the newest installment preserves some of the most beloved characteristics of the original franchise, updated to reflect technological advances. The Rangers’ color-coded power suits now benefit from nanoparticle properties and the robotic mecha assault vehicles known as Zords that they pilot take on enhanced battle capabilities, while Rita’s menacing sidekicks the Putties and the gigantic warrior Goldar get more polished, fluid CGI representations. (And yes, the “Go Go Power Rangers” theme song makes a triumphant return.)”

USA Today called it, “an admirable commitment to absurdity.” It went on to say that

“…it belies the thoughtful coming-of-age journey for the five teens up until they hit “morphin time.” The first half boasts a realism reminiscent of Chronicle in how youngsters deal with the responsibility of having nascent superpowers, and John Gatins’ screenplay creates surprisingly touching relationships between the kids. There’s even a discrepancy in color palette — with the initially dark and muted tones moving to a rainbow of vibrancy as the film turns toward the silly — but the film lacks a certain confidence by not taking either tack.”

Don’t let these initial reviews get your hopes down. There was at least one person out there who seemed to like it. Kind of. IGN went on to say,

“Power Rangers likely won’t do much for those who never liked the property in the first place. But for those who grew up with it, or found it through the many different incarnations throughout the years, it provides the kind of passionate, loving reboot that we very rarely see from the studio system nowadays – one that goes deeper into its mythology without ever losing the camp element that made it so much fun in the first place.”

Without getting into too much detail, many of the reviews had quite a few points in common. They all seemed to love Elizabeth Banks (who seems to have embraced the ridiculousness that is Rita Repulsa), there is a disconnect among the new actors with the exception of RJ Cyler, and nearly all of the critics love to remind the reader that the director also directed a similar project known as “Project Almanac.”

So there is a little bad acting. How many of you, though, signed up to see the new Power Rangers movie for Oscar worthy performances? Take the early reviews however you may, but think about this. If you could sit through episode after episode of the original show from the 90’s, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to sit through 90 minutes of pure nostalgia.

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