Loosely based on the comic books of the same title, The CW‘s series iZombie is a quirky comedic take on the serial crime drama genre. In an undeniably over-saturated genre, the show has found a fun little niche that, despite a generally light hearted air, has ploughed some truly deep and dark territory in its two seasons so far. In the final episodes of the second season, the show mounted to a tipping point, where the gang’s secrets were perilously close to being exposed to the world in a conflict that, should it fail, could unleash the zombie apocalypse on what remains of humanity.

It was the kind of ending that was simultaneously a great cliffhanger that left viewers desperate to know how Liv Moore and her undead friends would fare and an ending in itself, that left you alone with the stomach churning knowledge of their doom.

When The CW announced at the beginning of March that it would be renewing the series for a third season, fans were relieved to find that they would not be stuck with that mystery forever. The end of the second season left the show in a darker and more dangerous place than it ever has been before, with bigger threats looming over the main characters than they’ve ever had to worry about before.

The CW has now released a new full length trailer that shows just what the new season has in store.

It shows the team back to their old antics, eating brains and solving murders, thankfully not too oppressed by their new foe. Yet. But you can feel the tension just as keenly as in that last bloodbath of an episode as the gang try to fend it off and get on with their normal lives at the same time.

The new season is due to premiere on April 4th.

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