New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Trailer

Nearly two decades after the lights went out on the Satellite of Love, a new bejumpsuited buffoon and pair of  robot friends are set to power it back up for a revived Mystery Science Theater 3000. After an amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign ($5,764,229 from 48,270 backers making it the largest one for film or video… suck it, Veronica Mars movie!) show creator and original host Joel  Hodgson‘s beloved cult favorite film riffing TV show is set to return in the not to distant future. April 14th to be exact.

Ready for your first look? EW just released the exclusive trailer for the shows Netflix debut:


Yes, the new test subject is someone new (comedian and cable darling Jonah Ray,) the bots sound different (because now Crow and Tom Servo are voiced by Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn,) and the experiment is conducted by Kinga Forrester, Clayton Forrester’s daughter (Felicia Day) and TV’s Son of TV’s Frank (Patton Oswalt,) but even the most obsessive fan has to admit the new MST3k looks and feels just like it did some twenty plus years ago.

They riff the Danish-American giant monster classic Reptilicus? The Mads are on a moon base now? The new test case is named Heston and drives some sort of sweet-ass space van? Crow’s been hitting the Bowflex®? ’cause his arms are huge! I’ll leave the combing the above 47 seconds for answers to you, the aforementioned obsessive fan.

As one of those obsessive fans myself, my heart is ready to turn down the lights (where applicable.)

Hurry, April 14th, Hurry.

via EW

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