TV RECAP/REVIEW: ‘The Flash’ S3E17 “Duets”

When a small show called Glee aired on Fox in May of 2009, a television phenomenon was birthed. So when two popular characters from that show joined the same network as The Flash and Supergirl, it only made sense (sarcasm) that their shows crossover for a musical number. For some, it may be the last thing they want to see their favorite superhero or show involved in. But for the rest of the audience, it can be a change in pace, a moment of nostalgia, and a surprisingly fun time. Titled, “Duets,” this week’s episode of The Flash brings in a third member for the reunion to teach some lost lover a lesson on life. As always, there are tons of spoilers inside. You’ve been warned.

When Mon-El, Jhon Jones, and Supergirl abruptly make their way through a breach, Barry and his team race over to find out what’s wrong. In some kind of “sleep” Barry takes the initiative to put himself in the same state in an effort to rescue her. On paper, the plan seemed to be a sure winner, but once inside, things are what they expected.

In the distance, a mysterious figure is singing “Moon River” by Henry Mancini. Barry eventually makes it close enough to realize that he’s been watching Kara the entire time. After a quick assessment, the pair comes to the conclusion that they’re stuck in some kind of illusion. That’s when the Music Meister (Darren Chris) makes his debut and tells them that if they want to escape from their current “prison” they’ll have to finish the musical.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the Music Meister is causing trouble by robbing a local bank. So Wally, Vibe, and Jhon take it upon themselves to try to stop him. However, things prove to be a little difficult when they discover that’s he’s been siphoning The Flash and Supergirl’s powers and therefore has access to them. Thanks to Vibe’s lead, the team is able to capture the Music Meister. Back at the lab, Iris and Mon-El ask him how to save their friends. He tells them that only they can save themselves. But if Iris and Mon-El show that they love them as well, it’s possible that they could save them as well.

With that in mind, Iris has Cisco vibe her and Mon-El into their illusion. As they arrive, they find Barry and Kara suffering from gunshot wounds. Each professes their love for the other and all of them wake up in the real world. As they regain consciousness, the Music Meister applauds their efforts claiming that everything he did was to teach them all a lesson that love isn’t always about saving others, but also allowing yourself to be saved.

Barry and Iris return to their loft to go over the events of the day. Barry sings one last musical number and ends with a proposal that he means and Iris accepts.

At times, this week’s episode was cheesy and corny. Two elements that can be expected from a musical. However, it’s execution and story seemed to make up for it and brings it back to being a solid episode. Luckily, the show runners have a good sense in that this will be the only time a musical episode occurs (unless both series run into Supernatural numbers). So fans can enjoy this (or not) and then move on and get back to business.

Glee fans will be happy to know that their alumni haven’t lost touch with their ability to sing and dance. In fact, it was due to reports of Jesse L. Martin and Grant Gustin dance-offs which helped push the idea of a musical episode. It wasn’t until Melissa Benoist made her way to the network the the idea was solidified. And to bring in Darren Chris as the Musical Meister was a no brainer. If it was someone outside of Glee, it wouldn’t have felt as complete as you could clearly see the chemistry between the three during their scenes together.

For those of you who are familiar with the character of the Musica Meister, you should have noticed some differences between the “Arrowverse” version and the original which debuted on Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Both had the power to control other people’s mind, but that’s where the similarities end. The Arrowverse version was more powerful as he was able to siphon the powers of Barry and Kara as well as escape from the cell which is supposed to surpress his powers. So how did he do it? Something says this won’t be the last time the Music Meister will be seen.

The only problem with this week’s episode is that there were so many faces from other shows, this could have been bigger than just being “episode 317.” Fans got to see more talent from John Barrowman, Victor Garber, Jeremy Jordan, and Jesse L. Martin who are all Broadway stars. Even Carlos Valdes hit a note and two. Maybe they could have held out for a milestone episode? It’s just nitpicking at this point.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for a new episode of The Flash next week.

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