This week on Legends of Tomorrow, the gang is on a “quest” to protect and destroy the Spear of Destiny.

Last week, the Legends managed to retrieve the final piece of the spear that was hidden on the moon in the 1970s or all placed. Nate managed to make peace with his grandfather and his father (both at younger ages), and Amaya learned a little bit about her future. Now that the Legends had almost all the pieces of the spear, they would have to retrieve the other pieces and ensure that it is safe from the Legion of Doom.

Now that the Legends have the final pieces of the spear, they need to retrieve the pieces that they did not receive and were in the custody of the Legion of Doom. Of course, it could be anywhere in time or space. Lucky for them, Rip (now back on team good guy) knows where the Legion’s headquarters is: The Vanishing point. The Legends haven’t been there since the end of season 1 when they defeated the corrupt Time Masters and destroyed their center of operations. This place holds some significance for them as this is where former Legend Leonard Snart, AKA, Captain Cold sacrificed himself to save the team, especially for Rory as they were partners (and the closest thing he had to a friend) before they joined the team to save time.

At the Vanishing Point, the Legends perform a heist. Operating under the radar they go into the location, trying their best to avoid Eobard Thawne. Ray in his miniature stage keeps an eye on Thawne while Rip and Firestorm manage to find where the missing pieces of the spear were being hidden. After Firestorm does some transmutation, he changes the impregnable case into jelly beans (to Rip’s delight) and now the Legends have all the pieces. By the time Thawne realizes he’s being robbed, the Legends break out of dodge and now have all the pieces.

On the Wave rider, they have all the pieces and the spear officially forms. Now they have to decide what to do with it. Here’s where the show goes into extreme Lord of the Rings territory. Going forward, the spear operates as The Ring of Power as an example of McGuffin. The Legends have their own Council of Elrond as they talk about what they can do about the One Ring…. I mean Spear of Destiny. The Spear cannot be destroyed. Also, the Spear wants them to use is and will “speak out” to each of them tempting them to use it, preying on their weaknesses, regrets, or simply their desire for power. Since they cannot destroy it, and are tempted to use it for their own means and become Boromir, they have to figure out a means to destroy it safely.

The show’s version of “taking it to Mount Doom,” is to find the blood of Jesus Christ, as that’s the only way that the spear (that pierced Jesus when he was crucified) can be negated, is to interact with his blood. While we previously were given exposition that the Spear of Destiny was the spear the pierced Jesus previously, tonight’s episode went real in depth of the history of Jesus, which is surprising for a show that has avoided religion for most of it. It was a little jarring at first. Rip explains that they cannot time-travel to the crucifixion of Jesus as that is such a fixed point in time that cannot be messed with. Even the smallest change could impact all of history as Jesus was such a historical figure. So what are they do to? Good thing Nate’s a historian and has found another means to obtain Jesus’s blood.

Nate knows about the legend of a knight who sought the Holy Grail (the cup Jesus drank at the Last Supper that if not chosen wisely turns Nazis into piles of bones in The Last Crusade) had a theory that the blood of Jesus was collected and hidden in a vial. That vial is somewhere hidden in Northern France. The one person who championed that theory: JRR Tolkien, author of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. It’s off to France during World War I to try and find Tolkien.

In World War I in France, the Legends are brought to the front lines the war and see the horrors first hand. As Amaya and Rory walk through a medical ward looking for Tolkien (as he was injured during this time), Rory sees another hallucination of his friend Snart. Snart has appeared to him as a hallucination earlier this season, so he thinks its par for the course. However, the Legion of Doom recruited another member to their team, Snart from another timeline before he joined the Legends when he was still a bad guy. Rory accidently reveals the Legends’ plan to what he perceived as a hallucination.

After the team finds Tolkien, heal him, and bring him into the fold to what’s going on, he joins them as an advisor so they can find the vial with the blood. Every scene where they interact with the famous author is loaded with Lord of the Rings quotes. Similar how when the Legends interacted with Star Wars creator George Lucas earlier this season, the Legends manage to say all the right words from the creator’s creations. In a sense, they are responsible for some of Tolkien’s best work, citing the best lines from Lord of the Rings to him. As the team tries to find the blood, they are drawn to a cathedral for clues. However, when they arrive there, so are the Legion of Doom, and their new member Snart. Rory realizes that he was not hallucinating. Snart does a little manipulating as well, reminding him that he is a bad guy. Snart also reveals that Rory told him the Legends plan, causing his team to wonder if they can trust him. Now he’s also having second thoughts.

Rory isn’t the only one being tempted. Amaya, knowing what lies for her future is also being tempted by the One Ring… I mean Spear of Destiny to use it to course correct reality so that her family doesn’t suffer. Sara tells her of her granddaughter and her heroics to help level her, though. Thanks to Tolkien, they find out where the blood is hidden. Unfortunately, it’s right in the middle of the battlefield. How are they going to get there without being blown to bits? Stein pulls out another Lord of the Rings quote: “One cannot simply walk into the middle of a war zone.

Rip comes up with the idea of working with both the British and German soldiers for a temporary cease-fire under the guise of letting each group getting the opportunity to retrieve their dead and wounded. Rip gives the King Aragorn “A day may come” Return of the King speech on the radio to each army pleading to them. After the cease fire happens, the Legends go on the battlefield and find the vial. However, the Legion of Doom was waiting for them. Why they brought the Spear with them, who knows? Snart appeals to Rory’s inner bad guy and he turns against his team and joins the Legion. Rory appeals to Amaya to join them since she might want to change reality, but she declines. Thawne speeds in and takes the Legion away with the spear. The bad guys once again gain the upper hand.

As the Legends recoup aboard the Wave Rider, they question whether Rory was ever with them. Ray states they also are to blame as they never treated him as an equal. Although they technically “lost” Nate theorizes that the Legion might not know how to use the spear, which means that they have some time to still save the day. Unfortunately, Malcolm Merlyn (who had been missing for most of the episode) came back with a book that basically is an instruction manual for the spear. The Legion begins chanting from the manual, and now they can change reality.

Next week, it’s a whole new reality!

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