The success of Deadpool has ignited a whole now conversation about what it happening in the world of comic book inspired movies. All of a sudden, darker and more violent storylines became legitimate options for future films, more mature content seemed to the on the horizon. The potential storylines were narrowed down at the bonus scene after the end credits of the first movie, when Ryan Reynolds‘s masked mercenary expressed dear wishes to get his old buddy Cable in the sequel. Since that sequel was confirmed, there has been a tense dialogue about what fans can expect from it and who will be involved.

Recently, the conversation has focussed on who will play Cable, with Ron Perlman, Dolph Lundgren and even Jon Hamm publicly considered for the role, and Michael Shannon taking the coveted place of the current front runner.

Despite this, new concept art has now surfaced that suggests that someone else came pretty close to being offered the part, though there is no indication about whether or not that might still be the case. In this new artwork showing off Cable’s ravaged and rebuilt body has the unmistakable face of Brad Pitt.

The art was reported to have been leaked by CBM with no specific source mentioned, so there is a possibility that this could be an old concept that may or may not have been scrapped by now. But it does look very cool and offers a glimpse into some of the ideas that the creative team are throwing around when it comes to visualing the cast of Deadpool 2.

As well as Cable, there are also new images showing Domino, a redesign of Colossus and even a fun drawing of Deadpool himself rocking a new shirt.

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