Now that the new Power Rangers film has hit theaters, many fans have begun to look to the future of the franchise. Considering the fact that there are currently five sequels planned, that future could be a bit more Rangers-rich than expected.  With so many iterations of the team through the source material, Saban has plenty of history to draw from, while establishing this new vision of the uber silly, uber fun kids series.  Sure, there may be some fans excited to see if Bulk and Skull will show up in future installments (yeah…probably not…) but the fans that have fought alongside the Rangers from the other side of the television screen since the beginning have another character request: Tommy Oliver.  Well, thanks to a new motion poster and a not-too-subtle midcredits scene, audiences may have an idea when the fan favorite Ranger may show up.

Spoilers ahead.

If you were one of the many people to attend the Thursday night screenings of the flick, or jumped out of bed early this morning to hit the cineplex for Power Rangers Day, you are quite aware that the new Power Rangers film added a bit of information to the Rangers mythology; namely, that Rita Repulsa (played wonderfully by Elizabeth Banks) was originally a Green Ranger that fought with Zordon (Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston), the team’s Red Ranger, 65 million years ago before betraying the team and killing them off (though Zordon’s “essence” was somehow saved in a computer).  That’s right, Rita was a Green Ranger. Let that sink in for a moment.

For many, actor Jason David Frank‘s portrayal of Tommy Oliver, a henchman for Rita who eventually becomes the Green Ranger once he breaks her spell, was one of the highlights of the original series.  Tommy was 1 part bad boy, 1 part Teen Beat hunk, and 2 parts bad ass, and while he was not an original member of the core team, he quickly became a fan favorite.  As a matter of fact, the fans loved him so much that Tommy has shown up in almost every single variation of the original series; more than any other character.  Since Rita was revealed to be the only Green Ranger in the new film, it leaves fans to wonder if they will be seeing Tommy anytime soon. Well, if this recent motion poster released by Saban is any indication, those fans won’t have to sit through too many sequels before getting their Tommy.

Now, in fairness, there really isn’t much to see there.  It’s the Green Power Ranger helmet, surrounded in smoke. Really, it could mean anything.  However, if you add it to the film’s midcredits scene, you get something that feels a whole lot like giddiness.

It’s just so wonderful.

Considering the timing of the poster and that rather Ferris Bueller-esque scene, fans can pretty much bet that Tommy will be suiting up and kicking ass in the next film.  Though, let’s not get too hasty and throw in the White Ranger quite yet, cool?

Have you seen the new film?  What did you think?  Are you excited to see Tommy show up in the next film?

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