Dungeons & Dragons has been a mainstay of nerd culture since it was first published by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR). Since 1997, the game was taken over by Wizards of the Coast and has gone through several revisions currently placing it in its 5th Edition. For decades, the game seemed to be associated with little more than young boys throwing dice in their basements while talking about girls and eating pizza (watch Stranger Things, season 1, episode 1 for a great depiction of this), but many of those young boys… and girls, the ladies love some D&D too, have grown up. Some of them have even become celebrities and one such person happens to be Hollywood’s Magic Mike himself, Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike XXL, and One Tree Hill).

Yes, the man who will be Deathstroke enjoys doing exactly what all of us nerds have done at one time or another and now you can watch him play with others just like him (and surprisingly, us!):

Celebrities… They’re just like us. Many of them grew up playing role-playing games, and even remain avid fans and participants to this day. While excelling in their careers, they’ve put their love for imaginary sword-wielding and potion-making on hold… until now. CelebriD&D puts D&D-playing celebrities into a small, mini-campaign where they are paired with some of the best role-players in the world. The 45-minute premiere episode features Joe Manganiello, who has played D&D since childhood and still plays to this day. His episode will air on Alpha on Thursday, March 23 at 6 am Pacific (9 am Eastern), with additional episodes to be announced at a later date.

Click on the image below for a clip of the first episode of CelibriD&D:

To check out more, go to Nerdist.com and sign up for a FREE 30-day trial of their exclusive Alpha network to watch the entire series.

In this first episode, Manganiello joins forces with Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role cast members Matthew Mercer (Dungeon Master), Marisha Ray, and Taliesin Jaffe along with Nerdist’s Dan Casey and Jessica Chobot on a mission of life and death as they enter an abandoned temple in search of an ancient relic. Spells are cast, damage is done, and more than a few hit points are lost; the group emerges worse for the wear, but with an epic story to tell. Did the party acquire the artifact? At what cost? Watch this tale of heroism, and laugh along with Manganiello and his adventuring party on projectalpha.com to find out.

Nerdist has been a heavy-hitter on YouTube for years and produces daily content related to nerd culture and related media. Alpha is described by the company as:

Alpha is the new premium content platform from Legendary Digital Networks that allows fans to interact with feature channels and personalities to form immersive communities around their passions. Alpha’s fully interactive channels include Nerdist Alpha, which features exclusive content from the genre and popular culture experts at Nerdist, as well as Geek & Sundry, offering specially curated content from the award-winning geek culture and lifestyle authorities at Geek & Sundry. Alpha bridges the gap between the audience and content through special features including original programming, chat, polling, and live fan experiences.

The first episode of CelebriD&D premiered on March 23rd with future episodes scheduled for an unspecified date and time.


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