Hocus pocus, alakazam! This week’s episode of The Flash features a villain all the way from the 64th century. Titled “Abra Kadabra“, he poses one of the greatest threat to the team – each other. Somehow, he’s managed to put Team Flash at odds with their pal, Gypsy. She’s back again to capture him for crimes committed on her Earth. But when the team discovers that he could have vital information that could save Iris’ life, things become a little tense when some of them become reluctant in handing him over. Now they have to find some kind of resolution before Abra Kadabra is able to return to his own time. 

Things start of with a bang as Abra Kadabra tricks a couple of security guards into being imprisoned within a Chinese Water Torture Chamber. Sadly, they had no clue how to get out. Meanwhile, back at Central City, Iris shows off the ring that Barry used to propose to her…again. Out of excitement, Colleen invites them to a Broadway show the first week in July. This brings up all kinds of visions because it’s the week that Iris is supposed to be killed by Savitar. A new crime scene calls Joe and Barry away.

On the scene, there are two bloated bodies and a piece of tech has been stolen. Shortly after, Barry gets a call that a local bank is being robbed. That’s when he finally encounters Abra Kadabra. He spills the beans on knowing everything about Barry’s future. Just as he’s about to make his getaway, Gypsy shows up and temporarily stops him, but it isn’t enough and disappears in a cloud of playing cards. At the lab, Gypsy reveals when Abra Kadabra comes from and why she’s after him. After a short meeting, the team disperses, but Barry hangs back to ponder how he could take advantage of the situation.

The team encounters Abra Kadabra for a second time, but this time it’s at another tech company. It seems like Abra is trying to build something, but what could it be? Barry is able to eventually capture him, but runs into a bit of a problem. Gypsy is ready to return to her Earth, but Barry requests for some time with him. Unfortunately, he’s unable to get anything useful out of him. Cisco, however, finds out that Gypsy has a more personal vendetta against him. At the West household, the discussion continues over what to do with Abra, but it looks like Joe has beaten everyone to the punch by making a deal with the devil. In exchange for his release, Abra would have to give up Savitar’s real identity. Just as he’s about to spill the beans, Gypsy shows up and distracts Joe enough to allow Abra to get away.

In his attempt to get away, Abra launches an explosive device. It goes off and all but one person is hurt. Caitlin took the brunt of the damage. A quick X-Ray reveals that shrapnel have become lodged in an around her kidney. They could easily allow her to regenerate but it would mean using her powers. Something that she’s not willing to risk. So it’s up to Julian to perform surgery on her. After a successful procedure, Gypsy realizes why Abra has been stealing all the tech he’s been procuring. It’s to travel back into the future to his time. He nearly makes it back, but The Flash is able to apprehend him at the last second as his ship enters a time rift.

Barry asks Abra Kadabra for his help one last time, but he continues to withhold the one piece of information that could help save Iris. Gypsy opens a portal and goes back to her Earth. Back in the recovery room, Caitlin is resting well. She jokes with Cisco but then goes into shock. Her heart stops beating and Julian tries to revive her. After failing to do so, he rips off the chain from around her neck. The episode then ends with the death of Caitlin Snow and the rebirth of Killer Frost.

This could be considered one of their more denser episodes. There’s a lot going on here. As the time of Iris’ death draws closer and closer, you can see how tense the team has gotten. Time is running out and they have no leads or answers to their problems. Abra Kadabra may not have been a Gorilla Grodd or Weather Wizard type of villain, but he brought out emotions and other things that have been laying dormant within members of Team Flash. It seems like they weren’t willing to really deal with their true feelings until the time came to deal with them.

It was inevitable that Killer Frost would make a come back. And she definitely came back in dramatic fashion. So what does this mean for Caitlin Snow? Is this the last fans have seen of her? It’s hard to imagine the series without her always there to help the team. She’s become a staple and it would be quite a shame for her to not be there. However, in the loss of Caitlin Snow, the show gains an iconic villain in Killer Frost. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out for the remainder of the season and if it continues into the next.

Notch this up as another solid episode. It definitely ranks up there a top episode for season three.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 PM EST. The show returns with all new episodes on April 25.

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