This time a year ago we were trying to shake off the disgruntlement of our disappointment concerning Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. One of the places where BvS went wrong was that it it was just over two-and-a-half hours long while being almost incomprehensible plot-wise speaking. Almost immediately, Warner Bros. said, “Hey, if you want the plot to make sense, you should watch this Blu-ray version that’s over three-hours long!” So either because Warners has decided that longer is better, or because they only way they can do Justice League properly is with more time, get ready for an epic runtime for the DC superhero team-up movie. 

So yeah…

For the record, that’s eight and nine minutes shorter than the first two Lord of the Rings movies, and about 32 minutes longer than Marvel’s first Avengers movie. The supposed length of Justice League though is in keeping with Zack Snyder‘s belief in long run times for superhero movies including 2 hours and 23 minutes for Man of Steel, and 2 hours and 42 minutes for Watchmen. That’s right, Justice League is going to be eight minutes longer than Watchmen.

Of course, this has not yet been confirmed publicly by Warner Bros., this is a comment based on what somebody heard in a panel at CinemaCon, so it’s not entirely unreliable either. But keep in mind, that there’s still about eight months before Justice League will be released, so anything can happen. Reshoots, perhaps? Still, if the finished cut is looking at an almost three hour run time, one can only imagine how long the original working cut was. Three-and-a-half? Four hours?

Justice League will be in theatres everywhere this November.

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