Joss Whedon to direct Batgirl Batgirl could be flying on to the big screen in the near future and she might be doing so with another ginger fan favorite phenom at the helm. Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. and Joss Whedon, yes the Buffy The Vampire Slayer guy, are close to inking a deal to put him in the pilot seat. 

Do I really have to list of Whedon’s credentials here. I mean the guy has long been one of the go-to dream hire for any genre film project and for good reason. Firefly, the Avengers movies, that one episode of Glee… The guy knows what he is doing when it comes to making nerds happy and content when their beloved characters transition to live action.

With what would be the second female lead superhero flick for the ever expanding DC Extended Universe, after this years Wonder Woman (fun fact, Whedon was once in the running to make and early unrelated movie about the Amazonian Princess) Joss Whedon’s Batgirl would be overseen by Toby Emmerich, Jon Berg and Geoff Johns and… that is really all we know at this time.

And really… do we need any more to be excited about? Whedon, a pudgy middle aged ginger man, is absolutely the perfect choice to bring the 20-something fun loving super heroine to life.

You know this to be true.


Via: Variety

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