Fans of Rick and Morty have been clamoring for any and all information related to the upcoming third season for a long time and today, of all days, a blessing of all blessings has come down upon the heavens that is AdultSwim. Rick and Morty is NOW AIRING it’s premiere episode on!! What the fuggity f**k!?!?!

What are you doing? This is not an April Fools joke. Go. Watch it now. Read later.

The new season will begin airing this summer, but the first episode got dropped on! on this, the most un-trustful day of the year, April Fools. Again, NOT A JOKE. Actually, one could call it a “reverse joke”. Those twisty shits at Adult Swim are so clever.

The official Rick and Morty Twitter tweeted this at 8PM ET:

Season 3 ended with a cliff hanger, with Rick in prison and Morty having a new lease on life, and the earth having to adjust into the new status quo (following a peaceful takeover by intergalactic martial forces).

Nathan Fillion guest stars as one of his intergalactic prison guards. The episode shows how Rick gets out of his prison, then returns to the family whose life he ruins one crazy experiment at a time.

What began as an inside joke between animators grew into a pitch-black parody of Doctor Who, filled to the gills with trans-dimensional adventures, ridonculous super-science and naked nihilism. Rick and Morty are back baby, well just the tip anyway.

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