Fans of Rick and Morty have been aching for news of the show’s third season since Mister Poopy Butthole told us at the end of season two that we’d have to wait about a year and a half before we saw another episode. In the time since, there have been all kinds of rumours flying around, convincing people that it was coming on whatever date, only for that date to come and go with no sign of Rick’s inevitable escape from prison. The creators had no end of fun teasing fans with mysterious tweets and other such cruelly tantalising slips.

Finally, in typical Rick and Morty fashion, Adult Swim released the most recent episode of the show in more than a year on April Fools’ Day, behind a mysterious link that tons of fans didn’t dare click because, frankly, it’s only sensible to suspect Adult Swim of the worst pranks. It was definitely a wise idea not to risk clicking that link at work. Just in case.

Starring Nathan Fillion as Galactic Federation agent Cornvelius Daniel, alongside Rick and Morty, the rest of the family and the infinite Ricks of the multiverse, it gave fans a glimpse into Rick’s past. It showed the time he wore blue pants. It showed his  lost love for his wife and daughter. It showed some of the trauma that made him into the crotchety old tyrant he is today.

And, though it was left with the singular ambiguity that comes from knowing that it’s not necessarily the best idea to trust what you’re told by Rick Sanchez, there was one particular piece of nostalgia that has seemed to really resonate with the fan base: The limited edition szechuan sauce that was released as a promotional boost for Disney’s original Mulan in 1998.

Some fans may well remember it just as fondly as Rick. Others heard of it for the first time in this episode. Either way, it suddenly have an enourmous fan base and people are clamouring for a taste, even going so far as to set up online petitions to demand McDonald’s return it to the menu.

There is even an eBay listing for just a photograph of the sauce that is attracting bids of over $80,000.

It’s probably for the best that people aren’t selling the real thing – any packets that are still out there are probably quite disgusting by now, a full nineteen years after they were in circulation.

To their credit, McDonald’s are loving the attention and are taking it completely in stride.

Whether or not they’ll stay as enthusiastic when they tire of the joke but the Rick and Morty fans are still demanding sauce remains to be seen, but with the Mulan live action remake just over the horizon it’s not like they don’t have the perfect opportunity to give it a second go.

The rest of the third season of the show is not due for release until the summer of this year, meaning that Mister Poopy Butthole’s estimate of a year and a half really wasn’t far off.

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