Want to gauge just how popular a show is? Don’t worry, the Internet will tell you. And right now, social feeds are still wildly a buzz thanks to  the long-awaited third season premiere of Rick and Morty which aired on April Fool’s Day. However, Rick and Morty is something truly special in that, it is so popular, it has the influential power to bring back a retired 20-year McDonalds dipping sauce. 

Season 2 ended with a cliff hanger, with Rick in prison and Morty having a new lease on life, and the earth having to adjust into the new status quo (following a peaceful takeover by intergalactic martial forces).

The premier episode shows how Rick gets out of his prison, then returns to the family whose life he ruins one crazy experiment at a time. Of course, things are a lot more complicated that. Some fans have even debated if what happened was legit, if it was all dream, or if things will get later retconned when the show comes back later this summer. One thing that is certain however, is Ricks obsession with a special Szechaun sauce that was given out with McDonald’s chicken nuggets for a limited time as part of a cross-promotion with the release of Mulan back in 1998.

As result of the nostalgic reference, fans have been going crazy over it. Petitions have been started, online DIY recipes have gone up (see above video), and there’s even 20 year old un-opened packages of the sauce going up on Ebay. The official Twitter account for the Adult Swim show even took their love of the condiment to McDonald’s itself:

McDonalds acknowledgement isn’t stopping there. One fan took the demand for Szechuan sauce to McD Truth, a McDonald’s blog that provides inside information and insight about the company’s marketing and direction.  In turn, they called out corporate chef Mike Haracz, who creates food for McDonald’s, to see if getting the sauce recipe back into distribution could happen. The response, is promising:

There you have it. McDonalds seems interested resurrecting the long forgotten sauce.  When and if they decide to roll out production, the buzz stemmed from Rick and Morty will have died down. They are, however, in a position to time the re-release with the upcoming live-action adaptation of Mulan coming to theaters November 2, 2018. Though to could just as easily make a limited batch and sell it online like Pepsi did with the futuristic Pepsi from Back the the Future.

Whatever happens, it’s amazing that a show and its fans could convince a wordwide entity like McDonalds to even consider something like this.

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