The new trailer for the remake of It hit the internet last week, and it immediately set a tone for overall creepiness. Of course, clowns are inherently creepy, and that’s long been a popular opinion before last fall’s media sensation of the creepy clown phenomenon. In other words, making a clown scary is easy, but what about a beloved character from children’s literature? One creative YouTuber has done just that by recasting Pennywise the clown with the titular character of the Dr Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat. Okay, so it’s Mike Myers as the Cat in the Hat, but still…

Sure, the 2003 live-action adaptation of The Cat in the Hat by art director Bo Welch is hardly thought of with warm regards, and a lot of that has to do with Myers as the Cat, one of only three live-action movie roles he’s taken on in the last 14 years. On top of that, Welch only returned to directing recently with the first two episodes of Netflix’s Series of Unfortunate Events. One might almost think that The Cat in the Hat were cursed. Well, jumping off from that logical leap, “But Without” has recast It to be about a menacing Cat man on two legs threatening the Losers Club with their worst nightmares. Dare you watch?

We’d like to say that Myers, Welch and everyone involved with The Cat and the Hat have been punished enough now, but they made The Cat and the Hat. In any event, the real It will be in theatres everywhere this September.

Source: Cinema Blend

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