Having lost the spear of Destiny, their powers, Amaya, even their reality, The Legends suffered a major defeat at the hands of The Legion of Doom, they needed to throw a Hail Mary and do the one thing that was forbidden: change their own past and risk time itself.

What is it with Eobard Thawne not killing them? His main conceit is that he can make them suffer and remain in his control. It seemingly worked in his favor, but it’s still a stupid, mustache-twirling supervillain thing to do, which will end up being his undoing. This week, on the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, Rip finally restores power to the Wave Rider, only to find out that Eobard Thawne has used Ray Palmer’s ATOM technology to shrink the time traveling ship. With the ship powered (even though tiny), Rip sends a radio signal and hope that the Legends can pick up the signal and he can find him. Lucky for him, while they are sulking at the loss of Amaya and no hope of returning to their reality, they are also doing the same thing.

After Rip manages to fly the mini Wave Rider to Nate’s mom’s basement, they realize that they will need to go back to Star Labs to try and reverse the miniaturizing effects from the ATOM technology to being the ship back to its big size. When they arrive at the Labs, they are not alone as they run into Damien Darhk and his henchmen. While rip is trying to shoot him with the mini lasers from his ship to Damien’s delight, he gets cold cocked from behind. Ray gets back his suit and uses its power to make the ship grow back to its normal gigantic size, and they manage to blow out the roof of Star Labs. They now have to head to 1916 and prevent the Legion of Doom from ever obtaining the spear and rewrite reality.

Rip is not enthusiastic about the plan as doing it could literally destroy time. They are not supposed to go back into their own past, and definitely not supposed to interact with their own past selves. This is literally like Crossing the Streams in Ghostbusters. The fabric of existence might not work if they don’t pull it off. They also know that if they are successful, they (the Doomworld future selves) will cease to exist (since the Legion will have never used the spear, changing the timeline). This is a risk they are all willing to take. Of course, Rory just wants them to retire somewhere nice, like “Aruba (hence the title). It’s off to two episodes ago we go!

As soon as they enter the time stream, the damage is already starting. The ship is bombarded with time quakes, forecasting that things will be going haywire going forward. The Legends arrive in 1916 as their younger counterparts are going with JRR Tolkien to try and learn the mystery of the blood of Christ. The game plan is to remain in the shadows as long as they can, find the spear, and get out of dodge. However, after they split up, some of them immediately run into some of their other former selves and try their best to play it off like they are the younger versions of themselves to the other younger version of themselves. This gets confusing.

Oh, and there is a bunch of death this episode as well. The first to die is Doomworld-Reality Ray Palmer as he runs into Doomworld-Reality Eobard Thawne (who also time traveled back to 1916 to stop them from changing history) as he uses his speed force powers and rips Ray’s heart out.

As the Doomworld-Legends get caught by the past-Legends, they then decide to tell the team the truth, that something bad happened and they needed to break their cardinal sin and go into their own timeline, risk all of the time to course correct it. As the two teams of Legends get together on the Wave Rider and plan on time traveling out, this causes a major time quake that makes Doomworld-Wave Rider unable to travel in time and ends up crashing. Then the two teams get together to try and stop the Legion and get the spear. All but Doomworld-Sara end up dying in the fight, sacrificing themselves to give their younger versions of themselves a chance.

Having defeated Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn, and Captain Cold, the Legends think they are in the clear. However, Thawne had other plans in mind. He recruited other versions of himself from various timelines to join the battle. The Legends could barely take on one Reverse-Flash, now they have to take on an army of them. The army of Thawnes manages to knock out all of them, except Sarah, who just happened to be holding the spear. Although she wanted Amaya to use it as she was pure, Sarah ended up holding it and uses the spear.

She is then transformed into another reality where she is sitting on the couch with her sister Laurel, enjoying a movie night. Although it’s great for her to spend time with her dead sister, she knows this isn’t what should happen. She makes peace with it, and goes back to 1916. Thawne then steals the spear, but Sarah has done some Reality changing while she held it. The spear no longer has any power and is useless. Just before Thawne is able to try and kill Sara with it, Black Flash, the angel of death who’s been after Thawne all season appears and finally kills Thawne. With that, all the other Thawnes cease to be. Having saved the day, Doomworld-Sarah ceases to be and disappears into thin air.

Having saved reality, the Legends now have to make things right. Mick takes his former parent Snart back to his proper timeline, tells him that although he’s a bad guy now, he will one day become a great hero when he joins the Legends. He then wipes his mind. Sarah does the same for Damien Darhk although she knows that one day he will kill her sister Laurel, she makes peace with it and wipes his memory as well. Amaya decides not to return back to her original timeline and instead will remain with the Legends, and with Nate as the two want to remain together, time be damned. However, Rip decides it’s his time to leave. Sarah is the true captain, and the Legends can function better without his leadership. Hopefully, he’ll be back sooner or later. This is a time travel show after all. The Legends decide it’s time for a little relaxing having saved all of reality (and they didn’t even need Barry or Oliver’s help this time) and head to Aruba after all. Just as they are about to travel, another time quake happens and they end up in Los Angeles in 2017. There’s just one problem, it’s overrun by dinosaurs!

It looks like all their time travel shenanigans have caused a major aberration that they will have to fix next season!

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