When Joe Manganiello made the news recently, it concerned the possibility that he was going to play the main villain in Ben Affleck’s The Batman movie. It looks as though that Manganiello may have to put away the mask and armour of Deathstroke the Terminator now that Matt Reeves is doing Batman, so what is a muscle-bound nerd with too much time on his hands to do? How about co-write a Dungeons & Dragons movie? Manganiello says he’s doing one with a college friend, and they’ve even had a few highly level meetings about it too. So is Deathstroke about to gives us a stroke by bringing D&D back to cinemas? 

“Last year with a playwright I went to Carnegie Mellon with, I actually made a draft of a film, and now we’re talking to all the right parties,” Manganiello said to the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via MTV) in a new interview. “I had a two-day creative summit with the Wizards of the Coast…we had like a two-day summit about where the movie could go or TV series, products, synergy, the whole deal.”

Now you may be thinking, “Wait a minute, wasn’t there already a Dungeons & Dragons movie in the works?” And you would be correct. In 2015, Warner Bros announced that it had picked up the option for a D&D movie. Then, it was this time last year when it was announced that Goosebumps helmer Rob Letterman was going to direct it, which was followed a few months later by the announcement that Ansel Elgort was going to star. That was nine months ago now, an eternity in movie development years, so perhaps the option is now open for someone to make a play for the D&D movie, and Manganiello certainly sounds right for the job.

“Obviously, there’s a spectacle. There’s dragons breathing fire and lightning. But what makes a great superhero or fantasy movie is the human aspect,” he explains about D&D’s appeal. “It’s got to be about something. We root for those characters in Game of Thrones. Fellowship of the Ring was about friendship, this undying love for your friends. That’s something everyone can identify with. When a movie is about something human and real emotionally people are going to want to see. Then you get some dragons breathing fire, and hey, I’m in.”

We’ll have to wait and see what shakes out from Manganiello’s enthusiasm, but maybe he can just chill and play some D&D in the meantime (see below). In the meantime, you can see, or rather hear, Manganiello in theatres now as the voice of Hefty Smurf in the new animated Smurfs movie, The Lost Village.

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