If you’ve been paying attention to the trailers for season 10 of Doctor Who, then you know that Michelle Gomez is scheduled to make a comeback as Missy, AKA: the Master, the Doctor’s long-standing Time Lord nemesis. Missy’s been a thorn in the Twelfth Doctor’s side since pretty much the moment he regenerated, so it would makes sense she would return for his final year of adventures in the TARDIS. But if one Master is bad news, what about two Masters? That looks to be the dilemma that the Doctor will face next because if the Doctor can team up with is past selves, then why can’t the Master? 

The BBC has revealed – ahead of a major spoiler that Steven Moffat teased will be in the next trailer for season 10 – that John Simm will be back as the previous incarnation of the Master in the upcoming series. “I can confirm that it’s true, thanks to the power of time travel I’m back,” Simm said in a statement. “It’s always a pleasure to work with this great team of people and I can’t wait for you all to see what the Master gets up to in the next series.”

Simm first appeared as the Master on Doctor Who in the third series, rescued from the end of the universe by the Doctor and his companions and stealing the TARDIS to go back in time and implant himself into the present day British government. Even thought the Master died at the end of that storyline, he returned in the two-part “The End of Time”, the final episodes of David Tennant as the Doctor. In what capacity the Masters will team-up in the show has not yet been revealed, but the last trailer for Doctor Who shows Twelve struggling and regeneration energy peeling off him. Might the Masters be involved? Stay tuned…

Doctor Who returns to BBC, BBC America, and Space on April 15.

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