The appearance of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War was seen as a hard reset of the character, a necessary reboot after two misguided Amazing Spider-Man films directed by Marc Webb, which seemed more concerned with building a universe than telling interesting, new Spider-Man stories. With ebullient praise being offered for the work of Tom Holland, and the crew for Spider-Man: Homecoming it might be understandable if the guy that made the last Spider-Man movie might take things a little personally, but Webb says that he has no regrets about making his Spidey movies no matter how much you hate them…

“It’s hard for me to think about it, in terms of regrets,” said Webb said in a new interview with Collider. “There are so many things that I’m proud of. There was an ambition with the second movie, in particular. The idea that it’s a superhero that can’t save everybody is something that I’m really proud of. I’m really proud of the ambition of that because it’s an important message, and I believe in that. I believe in what we were after. They’re really, really difficult movies to make. They’re complex in ways that people don’t fully understand. They weren’t disasters.”

There were some things the majority did appreciate about the Amazing films. Certainly the Spider-Man effects were much improved over the Sam Raimi films, and the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone was undeniable. It’s also worth noting that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was shot entirely in New York City, which is a small detail, but one that adds priceless character since Spidey is the most New York of New York superheroes.

“I felt really, really fortunate to have that opportunity,” Webb added. “That’s a whole other long, in-depth conversation that I probably shouldn’t have publicly. I loved everybody involved. I really did. I didn’t have an adversarial relationship with the studio, at all. There were a lot of very smart people. These are just incredibly complicated movies to make. I am proud of them, in many ways, and I stand by them. I’m certainly not a victim, in that situation.”

Well there you go, don’t feel sorry for Webb even though all his Spider-dreams went away after Amazing 2 did nothing for fans or critics even though it made just over $700 million worldwide. “We finished the second one and they were working on Sinister Six, so we all took a break,” Webb said. “And then, the Sony hack happened and everything went away. But, that’s the way Hollywood works sometimes.”

And sometimes Hollywood works by releasing Spider-Man: Homecoming in theatres everywhere this July.

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