Fear. Human. Nature. Take numerous groups of people, isolate them within environments they are familiar with, but then cut them off from everything and everyone they know. Then watch what happens next. That’s what made 2007’s The Mist is such a frightening film to experience. It doesn’t help that it originates from the mind of Stephen King, but then Frank Darabont goes and turns it into something where only a marathon of Saturday morning cartoons will help cleanse your pallet. So, of course, it only makes sense that The Mist gets turned into a televisions series. And now two years after it’s initial announcement, the first trailer has dropped. If it’s any indication of what’s to come, then, please, feel free to leave the light one…all of them.

Check out the first official trailer for the TV adaptation of The Mist:

Those of you familiar with the story should notice some general differences. For starters, the series will take place at different locations among different groups. This is different from the single group, single setting from the original story. Some of you may be wondering why the story is being changed, but it was necessary to allow the show to be adapted into a TV format. Here is series creator, Christian Thorpe, talking about his version of the story:

“I wanted to be respectful to the source material, but my feeling was there was already a great adaptation out there by Frank Darabont. The novella is 200 pages and one location, and we needed to change that to make an ongoing series. But we wanted to remain faithful to the heart of the story.

We establish different little pressure cookers under the influence of whoever the leader would be in those locations. Each of them come up with different theories or beliefs about what’s going on. Eventually, the story lines will dovetail and turn into conflicts.

Unfortunately, I thought it was incredibly timely to do a show about what people do when they are blinded by fear. We look around at what’s going on in the world, and everyone is constantly looking for someone to blame, or someone to lead them to the promised land. They find people to hate, either because of their gender or race or faith. Those are elements we tap into — how fear drives things like misogyny and homophobia.”

As if the movie wasn’t enough to deal with, now you’ll have to immerse yourself within multiple groups. I can’t even imagine the roller coaster ride of emotions this series has the potential to be. The Mist premieres on Spike TV, June 22nd.

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