The DC Extended Universe continues to grow despite poor reviews on its recent films. It seems nothing will stop the juggernaut production company from bringing about the worlds of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and soon, Aquaman. For those who watched Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and have been following the news, they already know that Jason Momoa will be playing the titular hero also known as Arthur Curry. Now a new cast member has been announced. Who will Dolph Lundgren be playing? Find out after the bump!

Lundgren has accepted the role of King Nereus, the ruler of the kingdom of Xebel where Mera, Aquaman’s love interest comes from. When it comes to Mera, both Nereus and Aquaman are contenders for her affection, but unfortunately for Nereus, Mera’s affections lie with the Atlantean. Nereus is a villain in the DC Universe and he will be going after Curry with everything he has.

King Nereus is a newly introduced character in the DC Universe having made his debut in the New 52 Aquaman run. He is the leader of Xebel, an underwater penal colony populated by Atlanteans. He sent his daughter, Mera, into Atlantis to seduce and kill Aquaman, but instead, she fell in love with him. When she returned, he expected her task completed and planned to marry, but that didn’t exactly work out as he had planned.

Dolph Lundgren has been acting in films for decades and is probably best known for playing Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Recently, he has been one of the star players in The Expendables series. Lundgren is not new to the DC Universe either; he has been playing Konstantin Kovar in season five of Arrow on The CW.

Aquaman will hit theaters on December 21st, 2018. It will follow the upcoming releases of Wonder Woman in June, 2017 and Justice League this November. Keep an eye on NerdBastards for all of your comic book and film news as we break it to you!

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