Thanks to this year’s Star Wars Celebration, fans have become inundated with tons of Stars Wars news! And it’s all been great. Some of that news even included more information regarding the so-called Star Wars Land that is scheduled to open in both United States Disney resorts in 2019. Also making news at this year’s celebration was the possibility of a Star Wars themed luxury hotel that could be located within the newly built Star Wars Land. For more information and a look at some concept art then keep reading after the jump.

As it turns out, surveys were done gauging fans’ feeling about a Star Wars themed luxury hotel. This is turning out to be quite an ambitious project. But it looks like Disney is pretty serious about the idea considering concept art exists. Now, of course, concept art is just that – a concept, but it brings a wonderful vision of what could be in the future.

This first piece of art shows some kind of viewing room. It’s hard to tell where this could be but it looks like it would be a fun experience to have within the hotel. Also included in the art are C-3PO and R2-D2. With word that Star Wars Land may be a fully immersive experience, it’s a complete possibility these two will show up and hang out with you, your family, and your friends.

Up next is art of the lobby. If this is the first thing you see as you walk into the hotel, then get ready to weep like those people on YouTube who can’t control their emotions when they get a puppy for Christmas and begin crying immensely. Imagine checking you and your family and having to deal with a Crolute – the species Rey turned her tech scraps into for food in The Force Awakens. And while you’re checking in a Chagrian walks up to the counter and begins arguing with the person dealing with him. Follow that up with an Ortolan playing piano in the corner to keep guests entertained while waiting their turn in line.

Finally, take a look at what your room could look like in the hotel. Out of everything revealed thus far, if this is the only thing to come close to reflect the concept art, then staying here will be a total win. The room will probably be better than anything you’ve ever stayed in before. And if they get doors to slide open and close automatically for you, it’s game over for all hotels around the world (okay, maybe not, but it’ll be close).

By now, many of you are asking how much this is all going to cost you. Luckily, also included in the survey was information regarding how long the package will allow you to stay and how much it would cost you. A two-night, all inclusive package will cost $900-$1000 per guest. You can also expect

“a two-day story set in the the ‘Star Wars’ universe, personal interactions with ‘Star Wars’ characters, live performers throughout the starship, plus the ability to engage in the story by doing flight training, ship exploration, lightsaber training, and personalized secret missions (both on the starship and throughout Star Wars Land).”

In addition, “your stay also gets you buffet breakfasts, lunches, and evening dining, exclusive park admission to Star Wars Land, and starship amenities including a pool area and water garden, fitness area, onboard cantina, and — wait for it — robotic droid butlers.” Staying at Star Wars Land will be no joke, but could be the experience of a lifetime that would be worth the current price.

On a final note, with news of this and McDonalds’ newly announced uniforms, it looks like the future is finally here.

Source: Business Insider

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