Even though there’s already one incarnation of the Flash is still racing around multiple universes on the CW, DC is no stranger to the concept of simultaneous dimensions and, as such, are creating a whole new Flash on the big screen. Ezra Miller‘s portrayal of the scarlet speedster has already made a cameo in Justice League, but his own story has so far proven elusive. At the moment, his solo movie is due for release in 2020, but there is a lot left to do in that time before it’ll be ready to go.

A number of writers, directors and other creative minds have already signed onto and dropped off the project due to various differences between their visions for the film, meaning that right now it is still without a director or even a finished script.

Earlier this year it was announced that Joby Harold would be rewriting the script and, more recently, rumours have been flying that Warner Bros have met with none other than Robert Zemeckis, the legendary director of such iconic movies as Forrest Gump and Back to the Future.

It’s probably too soon to get very excited about this news – in fact, movie scoop expert Umberto Gonzalez thinks any kind of attention is a little premature right now:

Technically, only one meeting with Zemeckis has been confirmed, and he is not the only director to have met with the studio about The Flash.

But it still raises a lot of interesting ideas, the thought of what such a seasoned and successful director would do with the superhero story.

It also raises questions about who else Warner Bros are meeting with right now. If there are a lot of directors of Zemeckis’s ilk, then it could be some clues about what the studio wants for the movie and what direction it might take. Or, if they’re talking to a diverse range, they might still be fishing around for ideas about how they could shape the script, given there is almost nothing finalised about the film so far, aside from a handful of actors.

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