With two big hits already this year with Split and Get Out, no one is going to doubt the capacity of Blumhouse to crank out horror hits. Blumhouse is now a big name in horror, but no one has more name cache in the genre than Stephen King, whose work is in the midst of a kind of Hollywood renaissance right now with the pending release of The Dark Tower and It  later this year. Combining King and Blumhouse seems like common sense, which is why it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that their forces are about to be combined on a new version of Firestarter

Appropriately enough, this announcement took place at the opening night of the Overlook Film Festival at the Timberline Lodge, the iconic setting of the 1980 King adaptation, The Shining. It was in 1980 that King first published Firestarter, the tale of a father and daughter on the run from nefarious government types due to their supernatural abilities. Both are telepathic and telekinetic, but young Charlie has the added ability of being pyrokinetic, hence the book’s name. Drew Barrymore starred in the original 1984 adaptation of the book.

This new Firestarter will be directed by Akiva Goldsman. It was the screening of Goldsman’s new film, Stephanie, that was the stage for the announcement; Goldsman and producer Jason Blum were in attendance at Overlook. Interestingly, Stephanie is also about a young girl with supernatural problems, in this case being chased by an invisible monster. As for FirestarterScott Teems (Rectify) will co-write the script with Goldsman, while the original film’s associate producer, Martha de Laurentiis, will be the remake’s executive producer.

There’s no word on a cast or release date yet, but we will have updates about the project as they become available.

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