Judge Dredd Returns To (a smaller) Screen Soon!

Judge Dredd Mega-City One

After four decades in print and two big screen releases it looks like the faceless lantern jawed lawman from a dystopian future city, Judge Dredd, has his sites set on the small screen next. While there is still no sign of a sequel to 2012’s Dredd (which stared Karl Urban) hitting the big screen anytime soon, Rebellion (who publishes the comic magazine 2000 AD) is teaming up with studio IM Global to produce a “big-budget” TV series based on the futuristic lawman’s escapades.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Dredd producers (and brothers) Chris and Jason Kingsley are working with Mark Stern (who developed the rebooted Battlestar Galactica) to bring the character to an undetermined network or streaming service, saying that the project is in “early development” and “talent will be announced at a later date.

What we do know is that the show will be titled Judge Dredd: Mega City One, that it will centre around not just Dredd, but also a series of other Judges (police officers who act as judge, jury, and executioner) working to clean up the mean streets of Mega-City One. By the sounds of the above video will cling nicely to the source material (sorry Rob Schneider,) as this is also the first time that Dredd’s live action law bringing will be overseen by the characters Oxford-based publishers.

One very quick aside for fans of the movie (the 2012 one, not the 1995 Sylvester Stallone one since we’re yet to see definitive proof that that one actually has fans,) yes movie producer Adi Shankar has promised that a sequel is “going to happen,”  but this project does not seem to be related to that claim in anyway. HOWEVER… Karl Urban did retweet 2000 AD’s tweet on this so let’s have a grain of salt and speculate!

Karl Urban Judge Dredd Tweet


I didn’t bother checking Rob Schneider’s twitter but let’s just pretend he just tweeted this as a reaction gif, cool?

Rob Schneider Judge Dredd

Totally make the same face at the thought of Dredd on a week to week bases, btw…

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