The success of Legion on FX proves that there’s a place for mutants on our TV screens when done right. So will The Gifted do it right? The last time Fox tried an X-Menbased TV show, it was the pilot movie Generation X in 1996, and to say it was a “disaster” still feels somehow understated, and you’ll note that in-spite of 17 years of X-Men success no one’s ever suggested we revisit the concept. This time though, it seems like Fox is doing it right, and though this may have nothing to do with the X-MenThe Gifted definitely looks, sounds, and feels like an X-Men show. 

The first trailer for The Gifted was released today along with the announcement of the new Fox shows and schedule for next season. The trailer introduces us to Reed Stewart (Stephen Moyer), who looks as though he works for the government (Legion’s Division 3) in the area of rounding up and interrogating mutants. All that changes though when his kids, Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind), are revealed to be mutants, forcing Reed to go on the run with them and his wife Kate (Amy Acker).

The trailer also introduces us to members of the underground resistance that the Stewarts take shelter with. We see Jamie Chung as the teleporting Blink, and we see Sean Teale as Eclipse, who has a history with Reed given the fact that it was Reed that locked up his girlfriend Polaris (Emma Dumont). It seems that Eclipse might trade protection for Reed’s help to find Polaris, AKA: Magneto’s daughter. And speaking of Magneto, the X-Men were mentioned, but it seems like there may be some question of their status. “The X-Men, the Brotherhood… we don’t even know if they exist anymore,” Eclipse says. Perhaps the superhero team will be saved for a November sweeps introduction.

As for when, The Gifted will air on Mondays following fellow comic book show Lucifer on Fox.

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