On Arrow, Oliver Queen has had 5 years in Lian Yu to prepare himself to be physically and mentally capable of “saving the city.” Being a vigilante who willingly takes on criminals, metahumans, dark magic powered warlords, and even aliens, he’s gotta be in tip top shape to do so. As a result, actor Stephen Amell is known for his physical prowess. We’ve all seen him use the Salmon Ladder, which is no easy feat even for regular stuntmen to use. In addition to performing most of his own stunts on Arrow and the other DC TV shows within the “Arrowverse,” the actor has appeared in WWE Raw and even performed on their pay-per-view Summerslam event where he performed in a tag team event. Sure, wrestling is “fake,” but the stunts are real and Amell gives 110% in all his physical activities.

Recently, Amell appeared on America Ninja Warrior as part of the Red Nose Day Celebrity Episode. For those that don’t know, Red Nose Day is an annual charity event comedy done primarily in the UK, but the non-profit also does work stateside. In an upcoming episode of the Red Nose Daye American Ninja Warrior episode, Amell showed off his Ninja Warrior skills on one of the obstacle courses.

Not bad. To see if he completes the course, tune in next week for the celebrity episode of American Ninja Warrior which will air May 25 at 8 pm on NBC. The season finale of Arrow airs next week as well.

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