It has taken almost as long as it took for Riker to get his own ship, but fans finally have hope for Star Trek: DiscoveryCBS All Access has dropped the first trailer for the new series. Many were concerned about the shows fate after it was pushed back from being released earlier this year and the departure of show runner, Bryan Fuller but the first trailer for the new series, thus giving some fans a much-needed, new hope.

Star Trek: Discovery is set to take place 10 years before Captain Kirk commanded the valiant crew of the Enterprise. Judging by the trailer, the show looks to have the same style and feel of the J.J. Abrams rebooted Trek universe. The bridge has similar lighting and crew stations similar to Abram’s Enterprise. The main difference seems to be that the bulkheads appear to be darker compared to the stark white of the J.J. bridge. Another giveaway is the look of the Klingons. With their mostly hairless heads and penchant for jewelry, they bear an obvious resemblance to the warriors that appeared in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

The exterior of the ship is only seen briefly during the trailer. From the early head-on view, Discovery is reminiscent of the Akira class ship seen during Picard’s skirmish with the Borg at the beginning of Star Trek: First Contact. The ship also appears to have at least some atmospheric capabilities as it is seen bursting through a layer of clouds to pick up the Captain and First Officer.

Speaking of which, the trailer gives us a small taste of the interaction between Captain Georgiou and First Officer Burnham, played by Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green, respectively. The snippet we saw shows the two of them walking through some sort of desert landscape, while discussing Burnham’s career. A nasty looking sandstorm appears to be behind them but, Georgiou shows little interest. Yeoh looks to be playing the part of Martin-Green’s mentor in order to help her get her own command. Historically speaking, this plot line rarely works out well for the mentor in the Star Trek universe (I’m looking at you, Captain Pike). However, Michelle Yeoh is listed on IMDB as appearing in 13 episodes. With the added star power (pun intended) that she brings to the show, many would hope that Michelle Yeoh will stick around for a while.

Martin-Green’s character also has some ties to the Vulcans. While she lacks the trademark pointy ears, some of the dialogue hints at a possible partial Vulcan heritage. Spock famously struggled with being half human and half Vulcan in every version of Star Trek. If Burnham is part Vulcan, she definitely falls more on the human side. Also, several new aliens could be seen as crew members on the bridge. None of them were instantly familiar, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

For Discovery to succeed, it will have to walk the line between drawing in new fans and paying homage to the older ones. It is also in an interesting position in Trek lore. Ten years before Kirk takes command would still be after the Narada destroyed the U.S.S. Kelvin. The show has the interesting opportunity to give audiences a glimpse of some of the after effects of the diverging timelines. It explains why the show has the style that has been presented in this trailer.

Here’s to many years of Star Trek on the small screen. Live long and prosper.


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