The time has finally come. The moment that fans have been dreading almost all season arrived during this week’s episode of The Flash. Appropriately titled, “Infantino Street,” this episode felt like one of those tests you’ve known about all year, but no matter how much studying you do, you’ll never feel fully prepared for it. With the last 24 hours at hand, the pressure is on. However, all you can do is stare at the clock as it counts down to the last moments of your life. It looks like desperate times call for desperate measures. For this, Flash is going to need the help of an old friends. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The episode begins with a timer counting down from 24 to the death of Iris. The camera looks upon each member of team Flash as they begin to spend their last hours with Iris West. Just as things begin to look grim, the team catches a break when Cisco discovers a power source strong enough to power their Speed Cannon – a power source that belonged to the Dominators and was recovered when they tried to invade Earth. Unfortunately it’s being held under tight security by ARGUS. That’s when Barry decided to recruit Captain Cold. How is that possible though? Isn’t Captain Cold dead? Yes, he is, but not in 1892. That’s right, Barry travels back in time once again and brings back the only man he knows who can help save Iris at this point.

Meanwhile, Killer Frost and Savitar have a moment to go over their master plan. It seems that Caitlin Snow isn’t as far gone as people seem to think she is. She begins to question Savitar’s plan and his overall  feelings. During their conversation, he learns about Barry’s plan to power the cannon and says that it won’t matter because “no speed gun can stop a god.” At the lab, the team begins to go over the plan to break into ARGUS. Afterward, Joe and Wally take Iris to Earth-2 without telling Barry so Savitar can’t find her.

The plan to break into ARGUS starts off without any problems, but when Barry can’t answer a security question, he’s forced to act quickly and takes out the two guards at the front desk. The two make their way deeper into the ARGUS and find the power source. However, there’s one major problem – it’s being guarded by King Shark. Flash is prepared to kill him, but Snart has another idea. Lower the temperature low enough to cause King Shark to take a nap. Barry and Snart grab the power source, but on their way out the two are met by Lyla who is disappointed in Barry. However, she says she would have done the same if Diggle were in trouble and hands the power source back to Barry.

Time is up and Savitar tricks the team into telling him where Iris is hiding. The team gathers at the lab and then heads off to Infantino Street where everything is set to go down. Before he is able to head out the doors, Cisco has a vision on Caitlin and Barry tells him to go and save Caitlin. Barry confronts Savitar on Infantino Street. He uses the Speed Cannon on him, but it fails because Savitar is prepared with the Philosopher’s Stone. Team Flash’s plan to save Iris fails and everything happens just like the visions say they would. Savitar kills Iris and the episode ends.

No surprise here that Iris ended up dying. How long her death will last is another question, especially since next week is the season finale. Still, the episode overall did a great job of setting things up. And for a moment, made audiences believe that they were actually going to save Iris. In the final moments when the inevitable does occur, it’s hard not to feel something. The song which played as Barry runs to try and save Iris just adds to the already stressful scene of being helpless as someone you love dies before you eyes. That song, by the way, is called “Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)” by Aurora.

At this point, she may not have to prove it anymore, but Candice Patton showed why she was always a great choice to play a character like Iris West. Not only is she a wonderful companion to Barry, but she’s able to hold her own as a strong female lead for the show. And it’s probably what makes her death harder to handle compared to others. Don’t forget that she’s also the daughter of Joe. Seeing him in the opening moments of the show and then seeing him at the end when Iris dies were both gut-wrenching scenes.

Did anyone else think that Caitlin Snow might snap back to reality towards the end of the episode? The way she questioned Savitar could have made you believe that there was a chance that the outcome of this week’s episode could have been different. Who knows? The episode ended without really showing the result of the battle between she and Cisco.

Finally, for fans of Captain Cold, this was his best episode. In the beginning, Wentworth Miller never felt like a very strong candidate for one of the most iconic villains in Flash history, but he finally settled into the part during his time on Legends. As for his part on this week’s show, he basically solidified the fact that this is his role and no one else can have it.

The Flash airs Tuesday at 8PM on The CW. Next week is the season finale. Check out a preview for it and start making your end-of-year predictions.

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