Historically, films based on video games have been unsuccessful. For some reason, Hollywood has been unable to crack the code. A video game that has made hundreds of millions of dollars, might not do so well in their film adaptation (see: just about every video game adaptation in the movies). However, one franchise that has proven to be the exception to the rule has been the Resident Evil franchise. Although the films have taken a dramatic turn away from the video games, they are considered certified hits, generating more than $1.233 Billion at the box office through their 6 movies. Although the last film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was the last of that film series (hence the word “final”), Hollywood is not done with this series.

Variety reports that Constantin Films, who currently own the rights to the cinematic rights to the Resident Evil franchise, are planning a reboot for series. Not just one movie, there will be up to six new Resident Evil films on the horizon.

There is no word on any specific films being made currently as everything is in the planning stages at this point. Hard-core fans of the video games will probably hope that the new rebooted movies will follow closely to the video games in regards to dealing with Umbrella and the bioterrorism angle from the later video games. Either way, expect more Resident Evil movies on the horizon.

Source: Movieweb

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