Towards the end of last week’s episode of American Gods, Shadow came back where he ran into his presumably deceased ex-wife Laura sitting on his bed. She’s supposed to be dead after giving fellatio to his best friend Robbie and resulting in a car crash killing them both. This week on “Git Gone,” we get to see everything from Laura’s perspective.

Instead of having the usual “Coming to America” or “Departing America” theme we have come to expect from American Gods, we are instead thrust into a high flashback. We see her before she met her beloved, when she was a suicidal casino worker. After clocking out running the blackjack tables, she would spend her nights in her hot top breathing in insect repellent in her hot tub. While the insect repellent might give her some sort of high, it’s also fatal, and she knows it. Every time, she backs out of the death at the last minute, it shows that she’s living a lonely unfulfilled life, and she needs a change. 


That all changes when she meets Shadow at her blackjack table. This, of course, is before he ends up in prison. At this point, he’s a career criminal as he tries to hustle her at the table. As a seasoned dealer, she spots him a mile away. Yet, she allows him to go forward with his hustle and get away from it. The two are attracted to each other, and so their love affair begins. Soon enough the two are getting married. Although Shadow is full of puppy love, you can tell that she’s still the same lonely unfulfilled person who was huffing insect repellent as she always was. She may be his one, but he might not be her one.

Everything changes when she wants to rob her own casino, a proposal Shadow made the first night he met her. Shadow at this point is a changed man, thanks to her, and no longer wants to do anything that would send him to jail, away from her. However, she wants to do something to make her happy, give herself purpose, despite the risks. She knows the casino insight and out, knows how to do everything, and insists that they will not get caught. Of course, they do and Shadow is sent to prison.

Shadow, still in love, knows that their marriage can survive his prison term, as long as she is willing to wait for him. We know that she will not, but it’s still painful to watch it transpire. She begins to grow closer with his best friend Robbie (Dane Cook surprisingly not the comic relief) and the two end up sleeping together. She insists to him afterward that it was a onetime thing as he is married to her best friend and she his, but the two continue sleeping together anyway. As we catch up to when Shadow calls her before his release, we see the phone call from her end and Robbie was in the bed waiting for her to return. Laura’s a terrible person!

Laura and Robbie are driving and Robbie wants them to tell their significant others and leave them to be together. Laura insists that when Shadow returns, she will be with him. As a means of saying “goodbye”, she gives him a blowjob while he is driving. We all know how that ends. As she awakens, she sees the car wreckage and realizes that she is dead.

Laura then meets up with Mr. Jacquel, who is prepared to take her to the afterlife. As she did not believe in anything at all, this seemed like a routine job for him. She is resistant to do the whole heart and feather thing, knowing that she wasn’t a good person. Because she believed in nothing, nothing is where she will end up. Mr. Jacquel even had her hot top prepared for her to enter. Just before that can happen, Mad Sweeny’s coin flashes and she awakens at her gravesite. After vomiting much of the formaldehyde in her body, she sees a flash of light. Not knowing what it is, she goes towards it. When she arrives, she sees Shadow being beaten up and hanged by the Technical Boy’s drones from the first episode. Laura now has the powers of a superhero who easily dispatches them with extreme prejudice, and they can’t even hurt her. She kicks one of them in the groin and it splits them in two. before Shadow can awaken, she leaves in fear.

Having lost her arm in the struggle, she heads back to her old house. She sees Shadow’s light and hides in her hot tub to avoid him. Knowing that she has to fix her busted arm, she heads to her former best friend Audrey’s house, as Audrey has knitting equipment. Unfortunately, Audrey shows up to see her former friend alive and with her arm missing. Audrey naturally freaks out. What would you do if your former best friend showed up holding her arm after you buried her? After finally calming her down, the two have a chat in the bathroom where Laura is continuing to expel embalming fluid. Audrey fills her in on the fact that both she and Shadow know about her and Robbie’s actions, as does everyone else who went to the funeral.

Laura then asks Audrey for a ride to find Shadow. Audrey continues her passive-aggressive talks, but they are quickly stopped when Mr. Ibis and Jacquel track them down. Laura goes with them as she realizes it’s pointless to resist. The two gods own a funeral home, which works in her favor as they help put her back together, even gain her color back. Although they will not interfere with whatever force brought her back from death (Mad Sweeny’s coin), Jacquel tells her that once she completes whatever task brought her back to Earth, she’s going back to darkness. She then heads to meet up with Shadow and says the “Hey Papi” line from last week.

This episode was the textbook definition of filler as the plot didn’t move forward at all. Instead, we helped get some of the plot holes filled out, and even answered a few lingering questions. While we thought that Wednesday was the one who saved Shadow from the Technical Boy’s goons, it was really Laura. Will Shadow forgive her and the two reunite their love for each other? Or is it too far gone? Although the episode did a good job trying to humanize her, she still came across as a terrible person since she still cheated with her and we got to see it completely. Right now, she still has a lot to go to get back in our good graces. By the time she probably does, she will probably have to then be taken by Jacquel and that will probably break Shadow’s heart all over again.

American Gods airs Sunday nights on Starz at 9:00 PM EST.

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