Nowadays, it seems like everything has their own cinematic universe. You gotta give Marvel (and now DC) credit for fully implementing the idea of a coherent universe, spread across multiple films expanding the narrative for each of their films in the subsequent films. Of course, they weren’t the first ones to do it. Way back in the 1920s, Universal Studios made a series of films based on the classic monsters including: Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, The Mummy, The Werewolf, The Invisible Man, and many others. Now, it looks like Universal is going back to the well with planned reboots of these monsters in their new shared universe: Dark Universe.

Starting with next month’s The Mummy, Universal will be rebooting all the classic Universal Monsters including Bride of Frankenstein (directed by Bill Condon due in 2019), The Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Invisible Man, Van Helsing, and The Wolf Man. While many correctly assumed that The Mummy would kickstart the shared universe for Universal, they made it official today by offering a throwback trailer featuring the monsters from the classic films, letting fans know what to expect for their future films.

Donna Langley, Chairman of Universal Pictures is more than happy about their upcoming franchise reboot.

“We take enormous pride in the creativity and passion that has inspired the reimagining of Universal’s iconic monsters and promise audiences we will expand this series strategically. The enterprise masterfully developed by Chris (Morgan) and Alex (Kurtzman) will allow each subsequent chapter the right time to find the perfect cast, filmmakers and vision to fulfill it. As we launch Dark Universe with Danny’s provocative theme before The Mummy and collaborate with a brilliant filmmaker like Bill to weave the story of a very modern woman in a very classic tale, we feel confident we’re off to a tremendous start.”

With Bride of Frankenstein being directed by Bill Condon (Beauty and the Beast, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2), Universal’s Dark Universe is securing A-list talent for their projects. In addition to Tom Cruise headlining The Mummy along with Sofia Boutella as the titular character, and Russel Crowe as Doctor Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Johnny Depp will appear as the Invisible Man and Javier Bardem will appear as Frankenstein’s Monster. Universal recently released a photo of the all-star cast as well.

Source: Movieweb

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