Magikarp Jump For iOS and Android Reaches the US

For a Pokemon that many trainers just didn’t want to waste the time levelling in at least their first couple of games, Magikarp has become an unusually popular character out of the franchise’s many hundreds of quirky creatures. Of course, there were always those dedicated few who were willing to splash for as long as it took for them to finally get their own Gyarados, but there is so much more to the little fish and its fanbase. Its lengthy uselessness and ultimate power has become a metaphor for Pokemon fans about how hard work and determination will always pay off, and then every splashing ‘karp is still special nonetheless.

Now, a new mobile gaming is allowing fans in the US to celebrate all things Magikarp.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump was released earlier this week by The Pokemon Company in both Japan and Italy and is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play in the US.

The game celebrates all the best bits of being a Pokemon trainer, getting up close and personal with a creature that you get to love and be loved by. As long as you’re happy for that Pokemon to be a Magikarp.

In the game, you can feed your Magikarp and train it through a number of fun little games. You can take your Magikarp through a series of battles, with a number of the most popular faces from the Pokemon world – from dangerous hungry Pidgeotto to helpful Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Rowlett – stopping by to keep your Magiarp in top form. The game also has quirky side activities including decorating a pool for your Magikarp to live in.

It is free to download but, like Pokemon GO, is likely to depend on in app urchases, especially once the easier levels are out of the way and the more difficult ones leave players grinding away to level up

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