When the world of Harry Potter finally came to life in 2001, no one had the words to explain what it was they were seeing. In 2011, the final movie premiered in theaters. Then in 2014, it became kind of immortalized in the real world when Universal Studios Florida created The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. Three years later and the theme park is now getting a new night time light show called “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle.” And you can check out a preview of the show after the jump.

With the show not officially set to start until June 23, it looks like season pass holders got a chance to check out some of the technical rehearsals. Take a look for yourself:

Pretty cool, don’t you think? Keep in mind that this is considered a tech rehearsal which means that audiences aren’t getting the full effect of the show. So there are elements which aren’t being shown here. If that’s the case, this is going to be one heck of a show. The technical precision of the lights going around the castle is a wonderful effect to see. Of course, what fan doesn’t like to visual of seeing all of the houses being announced and then coming together for a spectacular light show at the end. The whole thing does a great job of encompassing the castle resulting in an image that is sure to stick with the viewer for a long time.

Due to it’s nature, you can’t help but wonder what (if anything) is being left out of the show in the clip above. Fireworks would make a wonderful addition. Real life actors would be an amazing feature. However, it’s highly unlikely they would be included thanks to the enormous size of the castle. Finally, it could be possible this light show is something that could occur multiple times at night. The clip was about five minutes in length. So it’s plausible to believe you could see the show every hour once the sun sets.

All in all, the show looks great so far. It should make staying at the park at night more worth while.

Source: Slashfilm

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