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Last week in preparation for the upcoming DCEU film Wonder Woman, the Alamo Drafthouse, stated that they would have a “ladies only” screening of the upcoming film. That set off a firestorm of coverage on the idea. Many males voiced their anger on their keyboards as they saw it as a form of “reverse-sexism” even if it was for a special occasion and only for one night. The Alamo Drafthouse didn’t budge, and even expanded the idea to their satellite theaters across the United States. It didn’t take long for those against the idea to come up with their own “guys night out.”

One Twitter user Jack Posobiec, a filmmaker and a political operative, who previously proposed a boycott of Star Wars: Rogue One due to what he interpreted as an anti-Trump movie (as well as anti-white due to the multiracial cast and the villains of The Empire being white men) is back at it again. This time, he wants to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but he wants the theater to be full of Y-Chromosomes.

Now, of course, this could be just him trolling, but it caught the attention of Lucasfilm executive editor Jennifer Heddle who offered her own two cents while politely declining his request.

With half of Lucasfilm’s executive team being run by women, it doesn’t look like any of these types of requests will be granted, but they can still gripe online.

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