AnimaniacsThe early to mid 90’s was a golden era for animation. We had ducks with tales and dark wings, there were ancient Scottish gargoyles protecting New York (from Commander Riker, no less,) heck even the Simpson’s wasn’t completely terrible yet. In those hyper-color™ halcyon days, Warner Bros. had an amazingly successful run with the likes of the animated adventures of Batman, Superman, and even a unique twist on their Looney Tunes stable with Tiny Toon Adventures. It truly was the a great time for cartoons.

Decades later, WB’s (and humanities,) greatest cartoon might be making it’s return. So just sit back and relax because it just might be time for more Animaniacs!
 is reporting that Steven Spielberg is on board to bring Yakko, Wakko and their sister Dot back out of the ol’WB water tower for another run at bringing zany to the max, reportedly with baloney in their slacks. This is still firmly entrenched as a rumor however since the Nerdist has reached out to the studio for a comment, which WB refused to give by calling this a “speculative report.”

Bill Clinton’s sax was unavailable at the time of this writing.

At the risk of trying to shoehorn anymore ham handed references to the show into this, if you were in front of a TV (they were all big and fat back then yet way smaller than they are now, it was weird) at any point between 1995 and 1999, you most likely caught one or all of the 99 produced episodes of Animanics. Which means this news fills you with nostalgia and names like Goodfeathers or Mr. Skullhead come rushing back and your next question is probably “what do you want to do tonight?
Well, same thing we do every night, mine YouTube for more Animaniacs clips. (On the off chance that this is new to you then put down that vape pen thingy and leave the fidget spinner in your fanny pack because you are about to be introduced to they greatest cartoon ever created! [citation needed])

As for the validity of this apparent “speculative report?” Well, let’s remember that the principle voice actors, Rob Paulsen (Yakko,) Jess Harnell (Wakko,) and Tress MacNeille (their sister Dot) did unite for a live performance of the shows most famous songs, and DuckTales is set to return, AND since we are still in this fever storm for nostalgia making anything and everything from the 80’s and 90’s fair game for a redux*… Well, you never know. This would be a good time to say “Hello-o-o, nurse!” to a new run!

Goodnight, everybody!

*Except for Pogs. No, they are never coming back and it is time to accept that.

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