Is there a message in this second Game Of Thrones season seven trailer… a dire prediction? Of course there is! There are at least three huge armies roaming the seven kingdoms as the White Walkers look south and Winter settles in across the land. Can those factions unite to face the true enemy or will the undead claim the field after defeating the last army standing? July 16th can’t get here fast enough!

Check out the second trailer below:

Well, that certainly sets the stage for another grand season of backstabbing on HBO‘s Game Of Thrones… or will most of the stabbing come from the front this season as the armies face off against each other?

What is Jon Snow doing on the other side of the wall anyways? Is he searching for Bran? He’s facing a crowd that does not look like White Walkers or their undead minions. Could there be another faction, perhaps some remaining Children of the Forest?

One thing though… if Undead Hodor shows up… we’re gonna lose it.

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