Prepare for 'Game of Thrones Season' Seven With With HBO’s Handy Recap

Tonight (Sunday, July 16) Game of Thrones returns for it’s seventh and penultimate season. If you were planning on binge watching the entire series prior to the new seasons premiere but don’t have the 600+ plus hours to spare, you’re in luck! The fine folk over at HBO, the shows home network, have crammed the past six season into this slick little 5 minute refresher. 

As far as recaps go, sure this one is a little bit of a whirlwind (thankfully light on rhyming and sick beats,) only hitting the highest of points and really just meant to refresh the viewers memory of every dragon, bastard, and boob. It’s absolutely perfect if you find yourself a little short on time…
Tyrion Lannister Dance
Ha. Midget joke.


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